Cancer-causing substances: what will Brexit mean?

28 April 2021

UK businesses may have to continue to meet any future new European Union exposure limits for carcinogenic substances at work if they are to avoid compensation claims, says Professor Kevin Bampton.

Lighting the way out of Covid

28 April 2021

Ultraviolet light is a highly effective way of disinfecting equipment and surfaces to help control the spread of the coronavirus in buildings, says Jarek Salek.

Put people first

28 April 2021

With research showing the pandemic has negatively affected people’s mental wellbeing, supporting the emotional health of your staff has never been more important, says Samantha Peters.

On your feet, Britain!

28 April 2021

On Thursday 29 April 2021, millions of desk-based workers are encouraged to sit less and move more. So let’s get moving!  

Coronavirus in schools and early years settings

26 April 2021

What is coronavirus and what can schools and early years providers do to keep their pupils and children safe? Martin Hodgson provides comprehensive coverage of all the appropriate guidance.