An Introduction to UK REACH

1 March 2021

Caroline Raine discusses UK REACH and explains what chemical manufacturers and importers to the UK have to do after the Brexit transition period.

REACH dossier deadlines confirmed

23 February 2021

In this feature, Caroline Raine outlines the requirements that were introduced in October 2020 by the European Commission on the deadlines for updating REACH registration dossiers, otherwise known as the REACH Implementing Regulation.

Environmental rules affecting businesses post Brexit

5 February 2021

The new trading relationship between the UK and the EU incorporates zero tariffs and zero quotas on goods traded between the Bloc and the UK. This agreement depends on both sides adhering to agreed high standards on climate change and environmental protection. In this report, John Barwise considers what this is likely to mean for UK businesses, going forward.

Mental health — staying sane at work during the Covid crisis

1 February 2021

After almost a year of localised and national restrictions, Vicky Powell looks at workers' mental health and how the pandemic has affected levels of depression, anxiety, stress and morale within the workforce, often in complex ways.

Why following EU legislation is still a good idea

11 January 2021

For nearly 50 years UK businesses have had to take account of legislation arising from the UK’s membership of the EU. Paul Clarke examines the background to that legislation, describes to what degree it will apply now the UK has left the Union and discusses what impact future European law will have on those trading with the EU Member States.