The laboratory and energy management

25 January 2012

With buildings in the UK being responsible for almost 50% of energy consumption — and over a third of this use being in the commercial and public sector — Mike Sopp discusses the impact in terms of climate change and the cost of sourcing dwindling fossil fuels.

Implementing classification changes

18 January 2012

In this article Desmond Waight and Phil Todd discuss some of the issues concerning when a change of classification is made. Note however, that this article is not concerned with the change from a classification under the older DSD/DPD system of classification to that under the CLP system.

Requirements for SDS creation and provision

23 November 2011

In this feature, Stuart Longworth looks at the legislative background to the provision of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), including the requirements and some of the duties placed on suppliers by the regulations.