Chemical database

7 April 2022

The Croner-i chemicals database contains over 110,000 chemicals records which are collated into single, comprehensive reference chemical charts. It is continually reviewed and frequently updated.

Expanding personal protective equipment (PPE) responsibilities

25 March 2022

From 6 April 2022, employer and employee duties to provide, maintain, store, and use PPE will not change but are being extended to include limb (b) workers who carry out services in person as part of someone else's business. Interim guidance to the regulation changes is available online. Jon Herbert reports.

Transport changes ADR 2023

16 March 2022

In this feature, Caroline Raine outlines the changes that are likely to be introduced in ADR 2023. These are just the draft changes expected and won’t be confirmed until later in the year. Many of the changes included derive from the 22nd revised edition of the UN Model Regulations, there are many others specific to road transport.

Croner-i Chemical-inform legal register

9 March 2022

While there is no legal requirement to have a legal register, companies often use them as part of management systems aligned with international standards. Caroline Raine explains what a legal register is and how it can be a practical tool that improves efficiency and helps to reduce costly mistakes.

Guidance on managing coronavirus issues at work

4 March 2022

The risks from Covid-19 are still very much present in the workplace and it is important to remember that employers have a duty of care towards their employees to protect the health and safety of their workforce. This information is being continually checked and updated.

Living with Covid — what this means for the workplace

26 February 2022

Throughout the pandemic the Government introduced various rules and regulations for the public to follow to keep them as safe as possible from the impacts of Covid-19. Such measures included the requirement to self-isolate if displaying symptoms of Covid, returned a positive Covid test or identified as a close contact of a positive case, as well as the provision of free testing and vaccines, and support payments to individuals and businesses.

Government moves to end Covid isolation requirements

14 February 2022

On 9 February 2022, Boris Johnson announced that he expects to end all Covid restrictions in England by the end of February. The current regulations, including the legal requirement for Covid cases to self-isolate for at least five full days and for SSP to be paid from day one for Covid-related absences, are in place until 24 March 2022.

Transporting sodium batteries

5 January 2022

In this feature article, Caroline Raine discusses some of the emerging battery technologies, namely sodium batteries, and how these can be transported safely using the new multilateral agreement M340.