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Feature Articles

Protecting the body: manual handling at work

12 April 2018

Musculoskeletal disorders due to incorrect manual handling practices account for more than a third of UK workplace injuries. Different parts of the human body are vulnerable. Careful management and vigilance, advises Jon Herbert, are essential.

Business continuity management: planning for the unplanned event

12 April 2018

Be it due to extreme weather, chemical attacks, or some other unforeseen event, having a clear business continuity management (BCM) strategy is vital. Here Alan Field looks at some practical strategies for putting a BCM policy in place that enable an organisation to react to a wide range of unplanned events.

The evacuation of tall buildings

11 April 2018

Phased or simultaneous evacuation? Mike Sopp advises on the key issues to consider in terms of an organisation’s evacuation strategy.

An asset management approach to safety

3 April 2018

Mike Sopp looks at the importance of taking a strategic approach to managing assets, with particular reference to the new BS ISO 55000 on asset management.

ISO 45001: an overview

28 March 2018

This much-anticipated standard on occupational health and safety (OH&S) management systems was published in March 2018. Mike Sopp advises on the changes to take into account when migrating from OHSAS 18001.

Ideal office temperature: the Goldilocks zone

27 March 2018

Do employees have a legal right to go home when the workplace temperature is too cold (or indeed too hot?) for comfort? And what do employers, facilities and environment managers need to do to ensure that the indoor environment is “just right”, whether in terms of temperature, air quality or more general considerations of design and aesthetics? Caroline Hand reports.

One year to Brexit

27 March 2018

The UK will officially leave the EU in just 12 months’ time. Dave Howell assesses what this could mean for facilities managers (FMs) and the wider industry.

The right to spend a penny

22 March 2018

The subject of loo breaks has been in the news recently. Vicky Powell takes a look at some of the sources of contention about welfare facilities at work, highlighting best practice advice on a surprisingly emotive area of worker wellbeing.

Are you sitting comfortably?

20 March 2018

Are you guilty of sitting at your desk with your chin sticking out, upper back arched over, shoulders hunched forward? Laura King looks why we are giving ourselves a case of spinal damage at zero miles per hour, and how to engage staff in improving musculoskeletal health.

Green innovation updates: everyday inspirations

20 March 2018

In our latest review of green innovations, Caroline Hand takes a look at some remarkable breakthroughs which may soon be “greening” our everyday life at work and at home.


You are viewing free content from a subscription product

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