Feature Articles

Fire evacuation and the use of passenger lifts

23 May 2017

Can you use a lift in a fire? Mike Sopp examines the regulations surrounding the use of passenger lifts during emergency evacuation.

What does IoT mean to the facilities management professional?

16 May 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already having a huge impact on property management generally. In this article, Alan Field looks at the IoT landscape and how facilities management professionals can be better equipped to ask key questions in the future.

How to carry out risk assessments — keeping it simple

16 May 2017

Andrew Christodoulou goes back to basics to get the best out of the risk assessment process.

Condition and suitability of floors: recent prosecutions

12 May 2017

The decision of a Scottish court on the case of Shackleton v M-I Drilling Fluids UK Ltd last year has given guidance on the application of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. Barrister Robert Spicer reports.

Building adaptation for climate change

9 May 2017

The climate is changing. If global emissions are not reduced, temperatures will rise and changes in weather patterns will lead to more extreme weather events such as flooding and heatwaves. Is your building climate change adapted? Laura King looks at some of the threats and solutions.

Mental health — from surviving to thriving

8 May 2017

Most people will be aware of the tremendous efforts now being made to highlight the importance of good mental health and of supporting those struggling with mental ill health. There is much that employers can do in the workplace, says Jon Herbert.

Counting the ages

2 May 2017

Since the abolition of the compulsory retirement age, businesses have seen the average age of their employees increase. This has meant businesses have had to shift how they ensure all employees can work comfortably and safely. Dave Howell reports.

Principles of good asbestos management practice

2 May 2017

Asbestos is a sensitive topic which can strike fear in those responsible for its management. Do you have it on any of your sites? Sebastian Mazurczak describes the main principles to aid in safely managing the substance.

Risk assessment when planning roof work

28 April 2017

One of the main causes of deaths and injuries at work each year is falling from height, particularly through or from roofs. Mike Sopp advises on the steps to planning roof work safely.

Take a deep breath

25 April 2017

As concerns about poor air quality in our cities grow, air pollution caused by vehicles is rising up the political agenda and momentum for action is building. New air quality plans are expected from the Government this spring, but what might this mean for fleet managers and businesses relying on vehicles as part of their organisation? Laura King investigates.