Feature Articles

Maintenance of portable electrical equipment

22 February 2017

Portable electrical equipment faults can result in persons receiving shocks or burns or they can cause property damage and life risks through fire or explosion. Mike Sopp explores the necessity of a carefully thought out regime of inspection, testing and repair.

The Government’s industrial strategy

21 February 2017

On 23 January this year, the Government published a Green Paper on its new industrial strategy. Caroline Hand examines the strategy in detail, the 10 pillars of policy and the future economy it envisages.

In the kitchen

14 February 2017

Now a mainstay of many premises, the kitchen has become a hub around which much of an office will orbit. These spaces need to be fully supported to ensure they are safe and deliver on the expectations of staff and management alike, reports Dave Howell.

Feeling the heat: risk assessment and thermal comfort

13 February 2017

According to the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), the overheating of buildings is now a key problem. Mike Sopp investigates.

Work at height and work equipment: recent prosecutions

10 February 2017

Injuries from work at height occur not only from falls, but also falling objects and unstable work equipment. Barrister Robert Spicer investigates recent rulings on the scope of an employer’s duty of care.

Security layers: defence-in-depth

7 February 2017

Mike Sopp examines how organisations can assess their vulnerabilities, with reference to BS ISO 31000, the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) operational requirements and the International Security Management Institute (ISMI) and looks at the importance of having several layers of security in place.

Encouraging active commuting

31 January 2017

It’s January, which means that many of us will have a New Year’s resolution. If those resolutions include losing weight, becoming fitter or saving money then overhauling the commute to work could be one way of making a New Year’s resolution and sticking to it. Laura King looks at options for encouraging active commuting in your organisation.

Preventing slips and falls in winter

27 January 2017

Although we haven’t seen much extreme weather so far this winter, ice and snow on paths can contribute to slip and fall accidents, many of which will result in injury. Gordon Tranter considers the steps to take to avoid the risk to employees and third parties.

How modern trends in training can deliver value

24 January 2017

Alan Field explores developments in the delivery methods of training which facilities managers (FMs) can employ.

Pay attention to the “p”s in PPE

20 January 2017

Personal protective equipment (PPE) can be an effective means of control and can protect workers, writes Andrew Christodoulou, but only if employers and others issuing PPE understand the legal requirements and also how PPE works in practice.