Feature Articles

Tackling asthma in the workplace

20 July 2017

Asthma affects 1 in 12 adults in the UK, with research suggesting that work-related factors could account for up to 15% of cases of asthma in adults of working age. Yet recently health experts have raised concerns about workers’ exposures to substances that can cause or worsen asthma in a number of key industries, with progress in preventing the incidence of asthma described as “very disappointing” in some cases. Vicky Powell looks at the efforts currently being made to prevent asthma being caused or made worse by work in future.

Are you cyber secure?

18 July 2017

With the Government laying out its plans for enhanced cyber security, how should businesses react to these changes to protect their estates from digital attack? Dave Howell reports.

Specifying fire detection and alarm systems

13 July 2017

Mike Sopp looks at British Standard (BS) 5839 and the importance of selecting an appropriate fire detection and alarm system.

10,000 steps in the right direction

6 July 2017

Whether you walk for four or five miles to better health via 10,000 steps every day could depend on your individual leg configuration, metabolism, gait and speed, say researchers. Most important is the inspiration to get moving and stay reasonably active for the rest of your life, finds Jon Herbert.


4 July 2017

With a report from FlexJobs revealing that 93% of respondents would rather work from home than in their offices, what does this trend mean for businesses? And how should they integrate their onsite and offsite teams? Dave Howell reports.

Facilities management outsourcing and statutory obligations

27 June 2017

Mike Sopp examines the case law and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance surrounding the area of outsourcing facilities management functions.

The Economic Growth (Regulatory Functions) Order 2017 explained

27 June 2017

For regulators working in the fields of environmental protection and health and safety, the Deregulation Act 2015 made it a requirement that regulators have regard to the desirability of promoting economic growth. Paul Clarke explores the remit and potential impact of this requirement.

Effective emergency planning

22 June 2017

The potential for disruptive and unexpected events can put the operations and stakeholders of a business at risk. Emergency planning is a critical tool in providing an effective response, finds Stephen Flounders, Head of Health and Safety at System Concepts.

What a gas? F-gas regulations and what they actually mean

20 June 2017

The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015 (EU Regulation 517/2014), came into force in the UK on 1 January 2015. They are designed to reduce emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases). While many managers understand these regulations, in this article Alan Field explains some of the more unusual aspects of managing practical compliance with them.

Safe and healthy outdoor working in the summer

15 June 2017

Employers with outdoor workers need to consider how to manage issues such as sunburn, skin cancer, dehydration and heat stress, in order to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for their employees this summer. Vicky Powell advises on how to tackle these risks.