Feature Articles

Stressed out?

21 March 2017

In this article, Laura King suggests 10 ways in which facilities managers (FMs) can help reduce stress in the workplace.

Getting happy at work with hygge

17 March 2017

Hygge — pronounced “hoo-ga” — is the art of enjoying everyday life, credited with making the Danes the world’s happiest nation and now officially a thing in the UK. Vicky Powell talks to Karen Matovu from the wellbeing company Validium about how hygge can be used at work to increase happiness among an organisation’s people.

Access to the built environment

14 March 2017

With the Women and Equalities Committee launching an inquiry into the accessibility of buildings, public spaces and homes for those of reduced mobility, Dave Howell asks how accessible is the built environment?

Risk management for effective asset maintenance

13 March 2017

Tighter budgets are making it tricky to prioritise maintenance and meet legislative requirements, especially when it comes to the workplace. Sebastian Mazurczak advises on using risk-based methodology to prioritise planned maintenance programmes.

Run, hide, tell — dynamic lockdown procedures

10 March 2017

Recent events in France and Germany have highlighted the threat from terrorism that many nations face. Mike Sopp considers government guidance suggesting that businesses develop strategies to “dynamically lock down their sites” in response to an incident.

Managing confidential waste

7 March 2017

Mike Sopp examines the legislative and organisational requirements surrounding the destruction of media which may contain confidential information.

Hot on safety: what the facilities manager needs to know about fire safety

1 March 2017

Fire safety can be particularly complex where there is a complicated and potentially deadly confusing mixture of responsibilities across a site or multi-sites. In this article, Alan Field explains some of the key points to examine.

Maintenance of portable electrical equipment

22 February 2017

Portable electrical equipment faults can result in persons receiving shocks or burns or they can cause property damage and life risks through fire or explosion. Mike Sopp explores the necessity of a carefully thought out regime of inspection, testing and repair.

The Government’s industrial strategy

21 February 2017

On 23 January this year, the Government published a Green Paper on its new industrial strategy. Caroline Hand examines the strategy in detail, the 10 pillars of policy and the future economy it envisages.

In the kitchen

14 February 2017

Now a mainstay of many premises, the kitchen has become a hub around which much of an office will orbit. These spaces need to be fully supported to ensure they are safe and deliver on the expectations of staff and management alike, reports Dave Howell.