Feature Articles

Investing in green offices to promote wellbeing

18 April 2017

Organisations need to support and promote wellbeing across their estates. Simply investing in green office initiatives can pay huge dividends, explains Dave Howell.

Facing the flames: how to manage fire risks

13 April 2017

Recent news that even proprietary skin creams are a potential fire hazard linked to dozens of deaths is a reminder that while fire often strikes with little warning, eliminating fire risks is a methodical process with continuous room for improvement. Jon Herbert reports.

Avoiding unnecessary waste management documentation issues

11 April 2017

Waste management is a minefield. Even where there are innocent mistakes in documentation it is subject to strict liabilities and can be a bureaucratic headache to get it consistently right. In this article, Alan Field offers some insights into how to minimise these risks.

Polar bears or angels? The changing face of green champions

11 April 2017

Without sustained behaviour change from staff, even the most innovative and carefully planned green strategy will fail. “Green Champions” have long been a pillar of workplace sustainability initiatives and are key to achieving that behaviour change. The environmental manager recruits a few green and keen individuals who share their vision to save energy or reduce waste. They are responsible for instructing and motivating their colleagues, overseeing the practical aspects of project and liaising with management. Caroline Hand explores how the concept of a green champion has been evolving as lessons are learned from successful projects.

Asbestos exposure and civil liability: recent prosecutions

7 April 2017

The issue of civil liability for death or injury resulting from exposure to asbestos in the workplace is complex, particularly as related diseases occur many years after exposure. Robert Spicer reports.

Global Asbestos Awareness Week

4 April 2017

Nigel Bryson takes a look at the ongoing importance of raising awareness of asbestos issues.

Safety and in-house cycling schemes

28 March 2017

In this article, Mike Sopp looks at the safety aspects of managing a workplace pool bike scheme.

Stressed out?

21 March 2017

In this article, Laura King suggests 10 ways in which facilities managers (FMs)you can help reduce stress in the workplace.

Getting happy at work with hygge

17 March 2017

Hygge — pronounced “hoo-ga” — is the art of enjoying everyday life, credited with making the Danes the world’s happiest nation and now officially a thing in the UK. Vicky Powell talks to Karen Matovu from the wellbeing company Validium about how hygge can be used at work to increase happiness among an organisation’s people.

Access to the built environment

14 March 2017

With the Women and Equalities Committee launching an inquiry into the accessibility of buildings, public spaces and homes for those of reduced mobility, Dave Howell asks how accessible is the built environment?