Coronavirus vaccine and your employees — HR considerations

15 April 2021

A vaccine to prevent serious health effects from coronavirus has been developed and made available to the public. In this article, Nicola Mullineux, Group Content Manager at Croner-i explores the top questions employers may have surrounding the vaccine, such as requiring employees to be vaccinated and more.

Bus Back Better — Assessing the new National Bus Strategy

9 April 2021

The role of bus operators in the current deregulated marketplace is to deliver good customer service in a safe and efficient manner, while providing value for owners and shareholders. Balancing these often conflicting demands with very little outside support, bus operators have struggled to achieve these aims and have thus generally welcomed the National Bus Strategy as a positive step. Our Consultant Editor takes a look at this new strategy which pledges £3 billion of new funding to “level up” buses across England to London standards.

Using bus service information to gain new business

30 March 2021

With much speculation about the future of bus and coach travel, it is a good time to take stock of the potential opportunities to assist businesses recover. In the second part of his review, Tony Francis examines how the better use and distribution of bus service information can help secure the future of road passenger transport.

Environmental taxes — do they work?

22 March 2021

John Barwise considers the latest summary of UK environmental tax measures published by the National Audit Office (NAO) and assesses their impact on businesses.

IR35 and the transport sector: new self-employment rules

19 March 2021

On 6 April 2021, new rules (IR35) come into force aiming to prevent tax avoidance by off-payroll workers claiming to be self-employed when they are better classed as “employed” and clamping down on companies who avoid employment legislation by hiring such workers. Here Richard Smith discusses the implications of these new rules for companies using self-employed or agency staff in the transport industry.