Adult safeguarding — new training requirements

19 November 2018

New guidance on training in adult safeguarding has been published. Adult Safeguarding: Roles and Competencies for Health Care Staff was published in August 2018. The guidance is referred to as an intercollegiate document as it has been developed by a wide range of different healthcare organisations, including the Royal College of General Practitioners. The guidance sets out minimum training requirements relating to adult safeguarding. A similar intercollegiate document has existed for many years in the area of child safeguarding. This reflects not only the importance of the subject matter but also the key message that all healthcare organisations and staff must work within a common framework to ensure that adults at risk are adequately protected. Martin Hodgson examines the guidance and what it means for those working in general practice.

10 ways to prevent slips and trips in primary care settings

30 October 2018

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), accidents in the healthcare sector involving slips and trips resulting in falls are responsible for nearly half of all reported injuries. Such injuries can be serious. Some can even be fatal. Managers in general practice settings must ensure that they are controlling the risks of slips and trips as effectively as possible. In such settings, the risks not only affect staff but can also be a significant hazard for patients and visitors. Martin Hodgson, a writer in health and safety, lists the 10 most effective actions managers can take.

GP Partnership Review — interim report

15 October 2018

In this feature Thoreya Swage, healthcare consultant, highlights the interim findings of the GP Partnership Review, published on 2 October 2018.

Work references — your questions answered

3 October 2018

Here Stuart Chamberlain, senior employment consultant at Croner-i, answers your questions on the contentious issues surrounding the provision of references. He incorporates the guidance from Acas and gives tips on how you can avoid legal liability problems when giving references.

Religion/belief discrimination

20 September 2018

Kathy Daniels, employment law author and associate professor, looks at the issues surrounding religion/belief discrimination.