The independent review of gross negligence manslaughter

16 July 2019

Last month saw the publication of the Independent review of gross negligence manslaughter and culpable homicide commissioned in January 2018 by the General Medical Council (GMC). Martin Hodgson investigates.

Three things to know about the new holiday pay ruling

26 June 2019

On 10 June 2019, the Court of Appeal made a ground-breaking ruling on workers’ holiday pay. Simply put, it means employers may have to start paying their staff a lot more. Nicola Mullineux, Content Manager at Croner-i details what the new ruling means for employers.

How to prevent and contain listeria outbreaks

19 June 2019

An investigation is currently under way into a serious outbreak of listeria infections in England, which has been traced back to pre-packed chicken sandwiches in hospitals. Vicky Powell looks at the ways in which food businesses can prevent and contain outbreaks of this deadly disease, warning that management failures can be fatal, and have historically resulted in hundreds of deaths and infections around the world.

As the number of workers aged over 70 almost doubles in the space of 10 years, do employers need to review their management practices?

19 June 2019

Recent focus on the make up of modern workforces has centred on millennials and how particular workplaces and cultures are more likely to attract and retain millennial employees. While this has led to an increased awareness of certain business aspects, such as wellbeing and values, this may also have led to older workers falling by the wayside as employers seek to attract new employees.

Varying contracts of employment

13 June 2019

How can employers best achieve necessary contractual changes? In this article Stuart Chamberlain, senior employment law author and consultant at Croner-i, examines the legal issues in varying a contract.

Mental health in the workplace — time to change?

13 June 2019

Mental health in the workplace as an issue has reached unprecedented levels in terms of discussion, but are we really taking it seriously enough? In this article, Tricia Palmer, HR consultant, considers the importance of good mental health, and the possible impacts of not giving it enough of the right attention.

Diabetes in the workplace

11 June 2019

10 June 2019 marks the start of Diabetes Week in the UK. This article looks at the condition and how it may affect health and safety in the workplace.