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Feature Articles

Ready for Recycle Week?

22 September 2017

Recycle Week 2017 runs from 25 September to 1 October. Local authorities, retailers, brands and schools have the opportunity to use Waste and Resources Action Programme’s (WRAP) eye-catching free resources to bring home the message “Recycling — It’s worth it”.Caroline Hand reports.

World Green Building Week 2017

22 September 2017

The week of 25 September to 1 October promises to be a busy time for sustainability campaigners, finds Caroline Hand.

Skills for the jobs that don’t exist yet

20 September 2017

Caroline Hand investigates to what extent our current education system equips young people to create a more circular world.

The dirty truth — how to combat germs in the office

19 September 2017

Summer is now over and we are officially into autumn which means the perennial office cold is about to rear its ugly head. Laura King investigates how good office hygiene can stop germs spreading and what facilities and health and safety managers can do to help.

Megatrends — using environmental management to future-proof your business

19 September 2017

Businesses need to adapt to a future in which climate change is less predictable, natural resources are less available and the price of energy and materials become more volatile. In this article, John Barwise reviews new guidance, published by IEMA, that explains how the revised environmental management system, ISO 14001 can help businesses identify environmental megatrends and future-proof their activities and operations against potential risks.

At risk of a warm room: gas safety

18 September 2017

Gas safety is always a priority. However, during Gas Safety Week 2017 from 18 to 24 September there will be an even stronger emphasis on good practice not only in the workplace, but when employees join their families in safe homes.

Achieving good indoor air quality

12 September 2017

Mike Sopp looks at the findings of the latest survey into the impacts of poor indoor air quality, the relevant legal requirements and best practice with regard to improving it.

Green innovations update

12 September 2017

Tim and Caroline Hand take their regular light-hearted look at the most imaginative and promising innovations of the last few months.

Can EVs step into the energy change driving seat?

5 September 2017

Could electric vehicles (EVs) help to solve many different problems over the next 25 years? With installed solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity growing at an exponential rate and lithium-ion battery costs at a record low level, could you soon be driving one small part of a giant national storage battery?

Investing in runways and highways

29 August 2017

Strategic changes to keep Heathrow and UK aviation highly competitive on the world stage, plus an A-road plan designed to help spread prosperity more equally across the UK regions, have been outlined in early summer speeches and policy statements by Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling. Jon Herbert looks at the implications of these proposals.


You are viewing free content from a subscription product

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