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Feature Articles

Nuclear expansion

17 April 2018

As smart and renewable clean energy sources vie for atomic fission’s place in the UK energy mix, the nuclear sector is working out how to sell innovation, advanced expertise and unique know-how to expanding global markets.

Packaging recovery — how it works and why it needs improving

10 April 2018

Packaging waste regulations were introduced to ensure packaging is fit for purpose, improves material efficiency and reduces the amourgets which are as follnt of waste going to landfill. But there is concern that the UK packaging recovery note (PRN) system is in urgent need of reform. In this article, John Barwise explains how the system works, why the UK’s open market approach is failing and how it might be improved.

Case report: Yorkshire Waste Services fined for illegal operation

3 April 2018

On 2 March 2018, Mansfield Magistrates’ Court fined Yorkshire Waste Services Ltd £15,000 and ordered them to pay £7200 costs and a victim surcharge of £120, for failing to comply with an enforcement notice for 21 days. The case was proven against them in the absence of a company representative.

Food waste — next steps for food processors and manufacturers

3 April 2018

Jeff Cooper looks at the Courtauld Commitment 2025 and its implications for businesses throughout the whole of the food supply chain.

Ideal office temperature: the Goldilocks zone

27 March 2018

Do employees have a legal right to go home when the workplace temperature is too cold (or indeed too hot?) for comfort? And what do employers, facilities and environment managers need to do to ensure that the indoor environment is “just right”, whether in terms of temperature, air quality or more general considerations of design and aesthetics? Caroline Hand reports.

Green innovation updates: everyday inspirations

20 March 2018

In our latest review of green innovations, Caroline Hand takes a look at some remarkable breakthroughs which may soon be “greening” our everyday life at work and at home.

Is zero landfill possible?

13 March 2018

All environment managers are striving to reduce the levels of waste their estates are producing. Dave Howell asks whether achieving zero waste to landfill — and a corresponding 100% recycling goal — is possible today?

Flood-resilient infrastructure

13 March 2018

As average temperatures rise, winters become wetter and extreme weather events more frequent, protecting our key infrastructure becomes a pressing priority for Government and business, finds Caroline Hand.

Weathering the storms: is your business prepared for the future?

13 March 2018

Climate change causes extreme weather events, often with unpredictable and devastating consequences. John Barwise considers what the future holds, and explains how to assess the risks of storms and flooding that could affect your business.

Case report: haulage company fined over £100,000 for dumping waste on farmland

6 March 2018

On 15 January 2018, Exeter Crown Court fined CC Haulage & Sons Ltd, haulage and site clearance company, £14,000, and ordered them to pay £5000 costs, for dumping waste on Devon farmland. They were also subject to a £90,000 Proceeds of Crime confiscation order, bringing the total fine to £109,000. Polly Lord reports on the facts of the case.


You are viewing free content from a subscription product

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