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Feature Articles

Come rain or shine

20 February 2018

The UK’s weather is notoriously fickle. A topic of national conversation, weather forecasting has become a staple of our daily newsfeed but comes under the spotlight at times of flood or drought. Laura King reports.

The end of King Coal’s reign

13 February 2018

Stringent new emission standards based on carbon abatement technology that no existing UK coal-fired power station can realistically retrofit economically will turn one of the UK’s oldest power sources into an industrial relic by the second quarter of the 21st century. Jon Herbert reports.

China’s green ambitions — can the country lead the world?

13 February 2018

The world’s biggest polluter wants to take on a leading role in climate change. John Barwise reviews China’s green credentials and finds out what the country is doing to rebrand itself as an environmental champion.

Step-by-step guide to waste classification

6 February 2018

Caroline Hand gives a practical guide to classifying waste, and emphasises the importance of any waste producer complying with their legal duty of care, in order to avoid prosecution.

Future food

30 January 2018

Will that be chlorella or spirulina with your mealworms? Caroline Hand considers the menu options from sustainable food.

25-Year Environment Plan — new vision or vague promises of a greener UK?

30 January 2018

In her first major speech on the environment, the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, set out the Government’s 25-year strategic plan to improve the environment for future generations. The plan includes a pledge to eliminate avoidable waste, strengthen environmental protection and provide additional safeguards for wildlife and nature. In this article, John Barwise examines the detail and highlights the challenges ahead.

The workplace consumer

30 January 2018

Should businesses strive to create a kind of “brand loyalty” towards their organisations, as product companies such as Apple do? Dave Howell looks at the impact on productivity and wellbeing that adopting a people-centric approach to the work environment can have.

Waste operator given custodial sentence

23 January 2018

On 18 December 2017, Bodmin Magistrates’ Court sentenced David Shrigley and his ex-wife Donna, former directors of DRS Demolition National Ltd, for failing to comply with a Regulation 44 order. Mr Shrigley was given a 40-day custodial sentence, while his ex-wife was ordered to pay a nominal fine.

Natural capital: putting a price on nature

23 January 2018

The Government has introduced a natural capital accounting system to help policymakers and businesses understand the economic value of nature’s essentials. John Barwise explains.

Energy security: why the bigger picture is important

22 January 2018

Alan Field looks at some examples of what drives the bigger energy security picture, including the demand for eco buildings.


You are viewing free content from a subscription product

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