Government advice for a safe September school return

24 July 2020

New DfE guidance details how pupils will return to English classrooms this autumn in ‘bubbles’ and closed groups designed to minimise further Covid-19 infections, manage any new symptoms safely, and create and maintain a new normality. Jon Herbert reports.

Face coverings for employees on public transport

24 July 2020

Mike Sopp considers the issue of whether employers should be providing face masks or coverings for those employees who have to use public transport to get to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid-19: impact on children’s mental health

23 July 2020

Michael Evans considers the increasing problem of mental illness among children and young people, particularly in the light of their enforced isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. Government initiatives to deal with this problem are also considered.

What might a second wave of infections mean for employers?

15 July 2020

Reader note — December 2020. This article refers to self-isolation periods of 14 days which was correct at the time it was written. Please note that self-isolation periods have undergone adjustment and may no longer be 14 days.

New copyright teaching guides

3 July 2020

Michael Evans looks at the new copyright teaching guides that have been produced by the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS).

How prepared were organisations for the pandemic?

1 July 2020

Business continuity and resilience planning have not always been a priority for many organisations. Jon Herbert considers what lessons can be learned from a recent study on the pandemic response.

Risk management for COVID-19: the new normal

18 June 2020

The coronavirus is a new hazard that will require the implementation of new risk control measures. Mike Sopp advises on how to assess and control the risks of a return to the workplace.

Deep cleaning the workplace in the time of coronavirus

1 June 2020

Within a relatively short space of time, the coronavirus has radically changed working life around the world, perhaps forever in the case of some organisations. Never before has workplace cleaning taken on life and death implications across so many different types of ordinary, non-specialist, work settings. Vicky Powell looks at how to deep clean workplaces to best protect workers and others from the COVID-19 virus.

Managing stress during the pandemic

25 May 2020

Amid all the uncertainties and disruption caused by COVID-19, an awareness of how your team is coping is all-important. Laura King looks at what managers can do to reduce stress for themselves and employees.

COVID-19’s impact on UK occupations and employees

21 May 2020

How does coronavirus affect different occupational groups? Office for National Statistics (ONS) data, which highlights impacts on UK society, the economy and specific worker groups, is a searchable guidance resource — with added analysis drawing on US figures and experiences. Jon Herbert investigates.