Education legislation update

5 April 2018

John Fowler, Independent Commentator and Policy Manager, Local Government Information Unit, looks at careers legislation.

Violence at work — who is at risk?

3 April 2018

In a world where the President of the USA has suggested the possibility of arming teachers in response to school shootings, violence in the workplace is a globally emotive topic. With UK statistics indicating that the majority of school support staff have been assaulted by pupils, Vicky Powell looks at the issue of violence at work in Britain, including which workers are most at risk — and what employers can do to tackle this issue.

Sexual violence and harassment between children

27 March 2018

Awareness of pupil on pupil sexual harassment has grown over the years. Schools are now being urged to come down firmly against it. Suzanne O’Connell highlights guidance from the Department for Education’s (DfE) publication.

Stressed staff, stressed students?

21 March 2018

Gill Coult, an education consultant, has worked for over 27 years within Further Education (FE) and has witnessed the difficulties in recruiting appropriate staff for teaching posts in FE. She has also supported staff who have felt overwhelmed by the teaching workload and has worked on strategies to help keep them in the teaching profession. In this feature article she looks at how stressed staff have an impact on students.

Exploiting the Inspection Data Summary Report

20 March 2018

The last issue looked at the changes in the way Ofsted interprets data, the introduction of the Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR) and the implications for inspection and self-evaluation. We now have more guidance on the IDSR and schools, their summary reports and the far-more detailed Analyse School Performance (ASP) data. Tony Powell, consulting educationist, shows how schools can use this data to strengthen self-evaluation and prepare for inspection.

The role of the Chair of governors

13 March 2018

Each school governing body should have an elected Chair of governors. Martin Hodgson, a former school governor, explores the main responsibilities of the role and how a new Chair is elected.

Forgetting to learn

6 March 2018

Andrea Mapplebeck discusses ideas designed to help students recall by making them forget!

Mental health, discipline and dismissal

10 January 2018

Mental health is not a straightforward issue for employers. Mental health problems are incredibly common — the Department of Health states that one in four of us will experience mental health issues at some point in our lives — and yet they can go completely undetected by even those who are close to the individual concerned. Employers may be the last people to find out there’s a problem, if they ever find out at all. And yet, the mental health issues of employees can have a very significant impact on the work of the individuals concerned says Gudrun Limbrick.