Using inspection to improve your school

13 December 2016

Periodically, a senior Ofsted officer will state that inspection has raised standards. The evidence for this is usually a string of statistics citing the number of schools that have moved from “inadequate”, or from “requires improvement” to “good” and from “good” to “outstanding”. The causal links are never really clarified and most people in schools ascribe the only link as fear. In fact, it is because Ofsted expects schools to act upon the inspection findings and build this expectation into their statistical findings. Here, Tony Powell, consulting educationist, explores how to use the inspection process and findings as a way of systematically improving your school.

Ofsted changes for the busy SENCO

6 December 2016

The new School Inspection Handbook contains relatively few changes, but these should be noted by senior staff. Suzanne O’Connell looks at the implications for the special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO).

Education legislation update

30 November 2016

John Fowler, Independent Commentator and Policy Manager, Local Government Information Unit, writes about the Education for All Bill and the National Citizen Service Bill and other matters.

New governors

21 November 2016

Becoming a new school governor for the first time can be a daunting prospect. Martin Hodgson, a school governor for over 15 years, details how governors are appointed, what they will be asked to actually do and what support they can expect from the school.

A question of priorities

9 November 2016

Educational writer Michael Evans, considers the pressures faced by our A&E departments and suggests a way in which schools might help.

Schools causing concern: changes in statutory guidance

26 September 2016

Procedures for local authorities (LAs) and the Secretary of State to intervene in “schools causing concern” are governed by statutory guidance. This guidance must be followed as if it has the force of law unless there are exceptional circumstances. In this article, Tony Powell, Consulting Educationist explains the parts of the guidance directly affecting schools.

Life after levels

19 September 2016

Andrea Mapplebeck discusses the current shifting assessment landscape in education.

Safeguarding guidance from September 2016

14 September 2016

It was consulted on in December 2015 and now the new guidance has been issued ready for implementation in September 2016. What will it mean practically for schools? Suzanne O’Connell considers the implications.

The pupil premium strategy continues

12 September 2016

The White Paper endorses the pupil premium. However, bridging the disadvantage gap is not proving to be so easy. Suzanne O’Connell considers where we are with the strategy and if the pupil premium review can make a difference.