Education legislation update

9 May 2017

John Fowler, Independent Commentator and Policy Manager, Local Government Information Unit, looks at the 2016–2017 Parliamentary Session.

Mental health — from surviving to thriving

8 May 2017

Most people will be aware of the tremendous efforts now being made to highlight the importance of good mental health and of supporting those struggling with mental ill health. There is much that employers can do in the workplace, says Jon Herbert.

Stress, mental health and mobile technology

22 March 2017

Mobile technology has transformed how we work and undoubtedly improved it in terms of communication, efficiency and flexibility. But with 24/7 access to our working lives is there a chance that all this progress is to the detriment of our health? Charlie Turner of System Concepts reports.

PowerPoint — is it a matured technology?

14 March 2017

It might come as a bit of a surprise to learn that Microsoft PowerPoint is 27 years old. Over this time, it has had a dramatic impact on classrooms throughout the land, particularly since the widespread installation of data projectors, mainly in the last decade. John Walker takes a look at these issues and asks — “… what is the nature of this impact, and are children benefiting?”.

Evaluating preparation for the world of work

27 February 2017

The Government committed itself to implementing its recommendations. Tony Powell, consulting educationist, outlines the recent Ofsted survey and considers the implications for inspection.

Suicide and mental health

13 February 2017

Education writer, Michael Evans, reports on the rise of concern about mental health illness, how to discourage suicide and ways that schools can deal with this issue.

The final stages of SEND reform

7 February 2017

In his report, Lee Scott highlights some of the difficulties that councils and schools are having in implementing the aspirations of the special education needs and disability (SEND) Code of Practice. Now the Department for Education (DfE) has announced that more money will be available. In this article, Suzanne O’Connell summarises Scott’s findings and what the implications for schools might be.

New Governance Handbook published

1 February 2017

The Department for Education (DfE) has published a new version of its handbook for school governors. Martin Hodgson, a school governor for over 10 years, looks at what is new in the updated version.