The perils of the workplace romance

13 February 2019

February is seen as the month of love; with Valentine’s Day ensuring everyone’s mind is focused on the romantic side of life. Workplace romances, however, may not be all hearts and flowers; here we look at the downsides to office romances.

10 ways schools can help promote and support good mental health in children

1 February 2019

The Mental Health Foundation estimates that 1 in 10 children and young people in the UK are affected by mental health problems. They estimate that about 70% do not receive appropriate interventions to help them at a sufficiently early age. Here are 10 key things that schools can do to help pupils with mental health issues to get the support they need.

Cancer: the facts

1 February 2019

The workplace can be a key battleground in the fight against cancer, particularly if there are potential risks from ionising radiation and carcinogenic substances. Jon Herbert reports on the key facts.

Time to Talk Day — 7 February 2019

30 January 2019

According to NHS Digital, one in six people have been reported to have experienced a common mental health problem in any given week in the UK. On 7 February 2019, the UK acknowledges Time to Talk Day (TTTD) — a campaign created by the UK mental health charity, Time to Change.

Inspection from September 2019 — a new role for Ofsted?

2 January 2019

Tony Powell, consulting educationist, is currently working with three schools anticipating inspection in the academic year 2019–20, studying every clue about the new inspection arrangements from September 2019. He shares his thoughts.

The mental health crisis in our schools

19 December 2018

Latest statistics provided by Action for Children suggests that a third of secondary school pupils suffer from mental health problems. In this article, Suzanne O’Connell considers some of the conclusions from a recent report on how schools are supporting their students.