The canine TA

19 March 2012

Would you allow a dog to come into your school regularly? In this article, Maureen Moody explores how and why schools are increasingly welcoming dogs to help children learn.

The academies revolution: to join or not to join?

5 March 2012

The academies programme is marching onwards with no sign of abating. In this article, Michael Evans looks at some of the reasons for converting and also for working with a school that has taken the plunge.

Mental health is ‘swept under the carpet’

16 February 2012

Employers are being urged to create working environments where employees are able to candidly discuss mental ill-health, after research found that it is still ignored.

How do you spend your premium?

13 February 2012

The Pupil Premium has perhaps softened the blow of financial cuts for some schools. As the pressure on accountability for its spending increases, Suzanne O’Connell looks at the guidance available.

The mobile technology revolution and RSI

31 January 2012

According to a survey by Virgin Business Media, 60% of those asked thought that the office will be obsolete by 2021, driven to extinction by an advancing technological tide.

How to start your own school

5 January 2012

Free schools are very much in the news at the moment. Michael Evans knows what it’s all about — he started his own school from scratch some years ago. Here’s his story.

Picking up the pieces

1 September 2005

Suzanne Brown, Head, discusses her research into the role of pastoral care workers.