Recruiting new governors

12 July 2017

Last October saw the launch of Inspiring Governance, a new website to encourage people to come forward and volunteer for school governance. The Inspiring Governance service has now been supported by the publication of new guidance on how to recruit and retain new governors and trustees to school and academy boards. This has been an area subject to considerable change in recent years, not only as the nature of governance has changed but as the means of reaching out to people and sharing vacancies has also modernised. Martin Hodgson, a former school governor of 15 years, looks at the guidance.

Coping with the aftermath of national tragedies

12 July 2017

In the current climate of terrorist attacks and disasters that have occurred recently in the UK, we have to ask the question “Are we equipped to help our young people make sense of the tragedies as they unfold?” Gill Coult, an education consultant has worked for over 27 years within Further Education and has supported students involved in gun and knife crimes and the resulting devastation.

How to administer psychological first aid

15 June 2017

Psychological first aid can significantly reduce long-term emotional damage if employees are exposed to a traumatic event, such as a distressing workplace accident or a terrorist attack. Karen Matovu, Head of mental health training for managers at Validium, lists the six essential steps to providing support after a traumatic incident.

PSHE and relationships and sex education

13 June 2017

On 1 March, the DfE published a policy statement on relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education. Tony Powell, consulting educationist, outlines the Government’s plans and considers the implications for inspection. Relationships education in the primary sector and RSE in secondary schools will become a statutory requirement for all schools, maintained, academies and independent. Following consultation, there is also a clear intention to make PSHE statutory for all state-funded schools. It is already statutory for independent schools. Currently, academies are not required to provide either RSE or PSHE.

Too scared to go to work?

6 June 2017

Many people are exposed to the threat of violence while they are at work. Some are attacked and injured, many are threatened, a few are even killed. Andrew Christodoulou considers the problem of violence in the workplace and what can be done to prevent it and deal with it.

Education legislation update

9 May 2017

John Fowler, Independent Commentator and Policy Manager, Local Government Information Unit, looks at the 2016–2017 Parliamentary Session.