A safe journey to and from school

19 August 2016

The journey to school is one of the high-risk times of a child’s life, whether walking to school, cycling, using a school bus or being ferried in a parent’s car. Education Writer Michael Evans considers the schools’ role.

Inspecting provision for the most able pupils

22 July 2016

Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools (HMCI), Sir Michael Wilshaw, has several times addressed the issue of provision for the most able pupils. Most recently (June 2016), it was the focus for his monthly commentary where he described the under performance of the most able as arguably the issue most critical to the “nation’s success and economic fortunes”. Too few bright pupils, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, go on to achieve their potential after the age of 11. In this article, Tony Powell (Consulting Educationist) looks at the implications for the inspection of secondary schools.

Clerking Matters

11 July 2016

The National Governors Association (NGA) has relaunched its Clerking Matters campaign for 2016. Martin Hodgson explains what this means for the clerk.

Education legal update

2 June 2016

Nigel Baker of Lexicon Employment Law Training highlights some recent developments in the education field.

Developing my use of science enquiry

30 May 2016

It goes without saying that good science teaching involves getting the students to act as scientists, writes Andrea Mapplebeck of Formative Education…. Or does it?

Epilepsy in the workplace

19 May 2016

Do you know your duties, as an employer, to people with epilepsy in the workplace? As Dr Lisa Bushby explains, “reasonable adjustments” are often very straightforward depending on the job and an understanding of what might trigger seizures.