Teaching and work-related stress

23 October 2019

Teaching staff report the highest rates of work-related stress according to the Health and Safety Executive. Michael Evans explores the causes and consequences.

DIY planning for inspection

6 August 2019

Tony Powell, Consulting Educationist, considers Ofsted’s advice that schools can do their own preparation for inspection.

Should workplaces still ban visible tattoos?

24 July 2019

With news that Air New Zealand has watered down its ban on visible tattoos following controversy surrounding unsuccessful applications from candidates with Maori tattoos, many may now be questioning whether organisations should still have a complete prohibition in this area.

Off-rolling in schools

15 July 2019

New research was published recently on the practice of so called “off-rolling” in schools prepared by YouGov on behalf of Ofsted and was followed by an official online Ofsted blog seeking to explain the approach taken by inspectors in an effort to crack down on the practice. Martin Hodgson explains what off-rolling is, how common it is and what Ofsted are doing to stop it.

Inspecting the “real substance of education”

26 June 2019

The “real substance of education”, as defined by HMCI Amanda Spielman, is the curriculum and from September 2019 the curriculum moves centre stage in Ofsted inspections. This is important for all schools including privately-funded independent schools, since Ofsted evaluates their inspection arrangements and the DfE has confirmed Ofsted as the arbiter of school effectiveness. Tony Powell, Consulting Educationist, considers how inspectors might evaluate the statutory requirements for curriculum provision using the working definition devised by Ofsted during its research programme. Note: This article can only give some pointers about meeting Ofsted expectations because every school must determine its own curriculum. The first pointer is that inspectors will ask senior leaders and a range of staff how this determination was made.

Varying contracts of employment

13 June 2019

How can employers best achieve necessary contractual changes? In this article Stuart Chamberlain, senior employment law author and consultant at Croner-i, examines the legal issues in varying a contract.

Diabetes in the workplace

11 June 2019

10 June 2019 marks the start of Diabetes Week in the UK. This article looks at the condition and how it may affect health and safety in the workplace.

A look back

10 June 2019

Michael Evans considers some of the contributions that have been made in recent years in the areas of health and safety.

Sick notes — a guide for employers

5 June 2019

Staff members with certain ailments need time off work for treatment and recovery. How does the process work? Health Assured, the wellbeing services provider, describes the current system of sick notes (or statements of fitness for work) and how employers can obtain them, and outlines what details a sick note should cover.