Feature Articles

Stress-related illness — the employer’s responsibilities

12 December 2018

In this article, Kathy Daniels, employment law author and associate professor, gives a summary of your responsibilities in ensuring that employees are not subject to excessive stress in the workplace.

The role of school governance in safeguarding children

4 December 2018

What is safeguarding and what are the duties on governors? Martin Hodgson, a school governor for 15 years, summarises the main points.

Mental Health Toolkit for Schools

19 November 2018

A culture recognising mental health issues is important. This guidance identifies the tools available to use to help those with mental health issues in schools.

Bullying in schools

15 November 2018

With Anti-Bullying Week taking place in mid-November each year, the theme for 2018 is Choose Respect. The aim is to support schools and other settings to help children and young people, together with everyone who works with them, to understand the definition of respect. Former Head, Michael Evans, considers the effects of bullying in schools.

Lesson observation for inspection and school self-evaluation

6 November 2018

Tony Powell, consulting educationist, looks at developments in observing teaching.

Ofsted report on childhood obesity

23 October 2018

By the time children leave Year 6, more than a third of them are overweight. It’s becoming a national crisis and one which many schools are doing their best to address. An Ofsted thematic review reports on inspectors’ findings and Suzanne O’Connell highlights the main messages.

Feedback and marking

9 October 2018

Andrea Mapplebeck discusses workload issues associated with feedback and marking.

Employment in education legal update

25 September 2018

Nigel Baker of Lexicon Employment Law Training highlights some recent developments in the education field.

New statutory guidance for safeguarding children

31 August 2018

Michael Evans considers the new statutory guidance for the safeguarding of children.

Converting to an academy toolkit

27 July 2018

What are academies?