Driver Licensing Regulations for Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles

7 June 2019

It is well established that road transport operators have a crucial part to play in minimising the harmful emissions outputs produced by road vehicles. Congestion charging and the newly-introduced ULEZ, strict engine manufacturing standards and the use of AdBlue to fuel selective catalytic reductions systems are all means by which emissions outputs can be reduced.

The changing face of enforcement in 2019

28 May 2019

In recent years the enforcement landscape — whether we are talking in terms of prosecutions through the criminal court system or regulatory action by the Traffic Commissioners — has seen regular change and it now appears set for further revision as digitisation and new technologies take hold. Andrew Woolfall of Backhouse Jones solicitors looks proposed changes to the enforcement strategy across the commercial transport industry.

Carriage of dangerous goods post-Brexit

23 May 2019

In this feature article, Consultant Editor, Caroline Raine discusses the impact on the transport of dangerous goods in the wake of the expected UK departure from membership of the EU.

Exhaust emissions and environmental restrictions

14 May 2019

On 8 April 2019, the London Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) came into effect covering the same area as the Congestion Charge and with stricter emissions standards for heavy vehicles than the existing Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

Road haulage — after EU exit day

13 May 2019

The UK is set to leave the EU with, at the time of writing, no deal agreed regarding the future relationship. Richard Smith looks at the current options and at any plans that can be made based on a degree of certainty.

Brexit and the need to change the rules on drivers’ hours

15 April 2019

At the time of writing this article, the actual date that the UK leaves the EU is still somewhat of a mystery for all of us and the consequences of Brexit are causing the UK Government to review many different pieces of legislation in order to make sure that existing UK laws will continue to function after EU exit day. One area of particular concern for enforcement authorities and road transport businesses alike is the control of drivers’ working hours and the tachograph equipment used to record them. Andrew Woolfall of Backhouse Jones solicitors takes a look at the new UK legislation.

Transport management and CPD requirements

8 April 2019

Richard Pelly and Christopher Wagner of Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law look at the importance of nominated transport managers ensuring their knowledge are up to date.

The right to work in the UK after Brexit

7 March 2019

An employer may only take on an individual to work if they have the right to work in the UK. This article by Stuart Chamberlain is intended as a general guide and update on the right to work in the UK for employers.

April 2019 — Nine dates to be aware of

26 February 2019

In April, new employment laws will force organisations to change how they work. There will be hikes in the National Living Wage (NLW) and National Minimum Wage (NMW), bigger pension contributions and a major overhaul to payslips. Listed below are the legal changes businesses need to know about, with advice on how to prepare for the upcoming changes. For professional advice on dealing with any HR or payroll matters, speak to a qualified consultant on our helpline on 0844 561 8149.