Where next for cabotage?

20 March 2012

The UK media tends to treat EU directives and regulations as though they appear out of nowhere with no warning. In fact, of course, they are always preceded by reports and proposals, which make it possible to predict with a fair degree of accuracy what legislation is heading our way. With that in mind, Paul Clarke forecasts changes in the rules on cabotage in the not-too-distant future.

Driver attestations

15 March 2012

David Lowe discusses the driver attestation, introduced by the EU as a legal requirement for certain drivers working abroad.

New O-licensing changes: aspects of their impact on repute, finance and transport managers

25 January 2012

Tim Ridyard examines some of the issues arising from EC Regulation 1071/2009, in particular how it has led to the Road Transport Operator Regulations 2011 (which makes changes to the Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act 1995), and changes in the criteria for the issue and retention of licences in the areas of repute, transport managers and financial standing.

Time for a tachograph update

18 January 2012

Paul Clarke takes a look at proposed legislation to make tachograph fraud more difficult and to reduce the administrative burden on transport operators.

Traffic Commissioners’ Guidelines — a synopsis

18 January 2012

In December 2011, the Acting Senior Traffic Commissioner, Beverley Bell, issued 10 Guidelines, providing information as to the way she believes that Commissioners should interpret the law. In this article, Michael Jewell summarises the salient points in each of the Guidelines.

Looking forward to developments in Employment Law in 2012

18 January 2012

The Coalition Government’s stated objective of reforming and simplifying employment law, and reducing red tape for businesses, is gathering pace, says Lynda Macdonald, freelance employment law trainer, consultant and author. There are various important developments — some currently subject to ongoing consultation and some at a more advanced stage — aimed at amending, abolishing or otherwise reforming employment legislation. This article aims to explore these developments.

Was the Red Tape Challenge worth the effort?

10 January 2012

Paul Clarke takes a look at the recently-published report from the Department for Transport on the impact of the Red Tape Challenge on the road transport industry.