Changes to May 2022 Bank Holidays

22 April 2022

To commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, there will be changes to bank holidays in 2022. The late May Bank Holiday, which would have fallen on Monday 30 May 2022 will be moved to Thursday 2 June 2022 and there will be an additional Bank Holiday on Friday 3 June 2022. The adjustment will take effect in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Employment Bill — is it worth the wait?

12 April 2022

Looking back to December 2019, before the world was irrevocably changed by the Covid pandemic, employers had another issue on their minds: the Employment Bill. This much lauded piece of legislation, containing many of the recommendations from the Taylor Review and subsequent Good Work Plan, was set to bring in a raft of new rights for employees and make Britain the “best place to work in the world”.

Adjusting triggers for absence management

7 April 2022

Employers often find absence a tricky thing to manage. There is a need to balance compassion for the individual, the realities of life (we all get ill or injured at some point) and the sound running of the business. What must employers consider when applying absence management policies?

Defensive driving techniques

30 March 2022

Even without injury, a fairly minor collision can have far-reaching impacts for a transport business: delays, missed delivery windows, the cost of repairing the damage while the vehicle is off the road and an insurance claim that could lead to increased insurance premiums. To avoid such incidents and unnecessary costs there are a range of defensive driving skills that can be employed by any driver and this article will look at those skills and how they can be used by drivers to keep themselves, the roads and other road users safe.

Statutory payments increasing in April

4 March 2022

The National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage, as well as other statutory payments, will be rising next month. This comes at a time of significant increases to the cost of living and will be welcomed by low-income earners across the UK.

Manchester Clean Air Zone — is it the road to pollution recovery?

4 March 2022

Following a controversial roll-out with backlash from business owners and city leaders, the Manchester Clean Air Zone has entered a period of further deliberation where there had been calls to delay the scheme. With a revised plan expected in July, is this enough time to give businesses room to breathe? Max Starr examines the issue.

Guidance on managing coronavirus issues at work

4 March 2022

The risks from Covid-19 are still very much present in the workplace and it is important to remember that employers have a duty of care towards their employees to protect the health and safety of their workforce. This information is being continually checked and updated.

Vehicle Brake Tests — Developments in Best Practice

3 March 2022

The notion of best practice in the brake testing of vehicles has changed significantly over the past quarter of a century. Thirty years ago, few operators undertook any meaningful assessment of brake performance and those who did a voluntary rolling road brake test before an annual test were considered to be at the cutting edge of maintenance practice. Now such a regime will see an operator highly criticised by the Traffic Commissioner and potentially guilty of serious criminal offences if brake defects lead to accidents. Here Andrew Woolfall, from Backhouse Jones Solicitors, reviews the changes in brake test guidance and how to adopt best practice.

Living with Covid — what this means for the workplace

26 February 2022

Throughout the pandemic the Government introduced various rules and regulations for the public to follow to keep them as safe as possible from the impacts of Covid-19. Such measures included the requirement to self-isolate if displaying symptoms of Covid, returned a positive Covid test or identified as a close contact of a positive case, as well as the provision of free testing and vaccines, and support payments to individuals and businesses.