Zero-hours contracts: a brief guide

23 November 2023

Zero-hours contracts are often a point of contention. The appeal of this type of contract is its flexible nature, but that’s also where the majority of issues arise.

Tackling driver stress

23 November 2023

A 2021 Welsh Government study into the experiences of drivers of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) found that many described feeling isolated with high levels of stress due to the burden of sole responsibility, where blame is put on the shoulders of drivers by their employers, regulators and the public.

Top tips for ensuring inclusive work-related social events

17 November 2023

As we approach the end of the year, many employers will be looking back at the successes in the business over the last 12 months, and thinking of ways they can celebrate this with their employees. Traditionally, a Christmas party has been a focal point of this, generally involving a late night, alcohol and frivolity. But are such events truly inclusive? In this article, Stacie Cheadle, Croner-i employment law researcher and writer, looks at work-related social events and presents our top tips for ensuring they are inclusive to all.

Winter checks on vehicles

15 November 2023

In this feature Caroline Raine describes some of the winter checks you should be doing on your vehicles, as well as adding some additional considerations for you, your team and vehicles.

Road Accident Statistics

3 November 2023

Every year at the end of September, the Government publishes annual road accident statistics and every year publication will be followed by media reports focusing more on the issues popular with pressure groups than those where there is the greatest problem.

Dealing with conflicting beliefs at work

26 October 2023

Conflicting beliefs at work is, for the most part, inevitable at some stage. When a group are brought together connected only by their employer, it is likely they are going to have different religious, ethical, moral or political beliefs. It is therefore imperative that employers manage any issues that arise as a result of conflicting beliefs, before they escalate and cause problems within the workforce, with customers or suppliers.

Carriage of dangerous goods security

13 October 2023

Operators who carry dangerous goods must make sure that they are secured so that they do not fall off the vehicle or move under normal driving conditions. If possible, they should be carried in vehicles or trailers with caged bodies; closed bodies, including tankers; and curtain-sided bodies.

Autonomous vehicles

29 September 2023

Autonomous vehicles, or self-driving vehicles as the Department for Transport (DfT) prefers to call them, are one of those next big things that seems always to be just around the corner. In the 2017 Budget, the Chancellor promised that driverless cars would be on the road by 2021 and the Treasury confirmed to the BBC journalist Rory Cellan-Jones that this meant “self-driving cars with nobody behind the wheel”.

What’s my number? Classifying goods for international trade

8 September 2023

Every time goods cross an external customs border, there has to be a formal customs declaration. One of the most basic pieces of information that is always required is a tariff number, a code that identifies the goods and defines any restrictions, requirements or charges that will apply. Exporters and importers need to know their codes because nobody (apart from HMRC) can classify their goods for them.

Managing seasonal viruses in the workplace: a refresher

7 September 2023

With the recent news that the Government will be rolling out its Covid and flu vaccination scheme a month earlier than planned this year, some employers may be concerned about Covid again. Whilst there is no suggestion that there is any cause for alarm, as autumn approaches now is a good opportunity to review the position on managing Covid and other infectious viruses in the workplace.