Marking and labelling of packages: modal differences

24 January 2020

This article looks at the differences in marking and labelling of packages for transport across the modes and identifies the key differences. The article will not cover Class 1, 2, 6.2 or 7 provisions.

The Law on using Mobile Phones

6 January 2020

Vikki Woodfine, Partner at DWF Law LLP, examines the use of mobile phones while driving a coach, minibus or HGV, and looks at the double punishment imposed on professional drivers.

The Traffic Commissioners’ Annual Report 2019

29 November 2019

Each year in October the Traffic Commissioners (TCs) produce a report to the Secretary of State for Transport in which they summarise their performance to date and set out their strategic plans for the near future. The report also contains detailed statistics on the operator licensing system and items of concern to the TCs. In this article Richard Smith looks at the state of the industry shown by the data and the issues of concern to TCs with respect to road haulage.

A "no-deal" Brexit — is your business prepared?

1 November 2019

The UK is due to leave the EU on 31 January 2020. Although the Government has made a draft agreement with the EU, it is still possible that there will be a no-deal Brexit. Furthermore, if there is no deal it is possible that the UK and EU could enter into agreements for specific areas. Consequently, this is a fluid situation and significant changes may be introduced at any time.

Trading with the EU after Brexit — a toolkit

15 October 2019

Within the EU most goods may move freely between and through countries without any formalities and for that reason are known as “despatches” rather than imports or exports. At the moment this still includes the UK. However, if the UK leaves the customs union and single market such freedom of movement will no longer apply and some formalities will be necessary at the interface between the UK and the EU.

Grandfather rights

30 September 2019

Richard J Smith, transport consultant, takes a look at the three areas in the freight transport industry where acquired rights (previously known as grandfather rights) currently apply.