EU Exit Transition Watch — A touch of frost

2 March 2020

Most international trade negotiations begin with expressions of goodwill as both sides can see the advantages of moving closer together in order to increase the opportunities for companies in their two territories. The peculiarity of the talks just beginning between the UK and the European Union is that the two are already closely aligned but are now looking to move further apart.

The future UK-EU relationship

20 February 2020

The UK ceased to be a Member State of the EU on 31 January 2020 and is now in a transition period that will end on 31st December 2020. The UK and EU can jointly agree to an extension before 1 July 2020 to extend the transition period for up to one or two years’ but the UK Government has made it clear that it will not seek an extension. The two parties must therefore negotiate a future relationship by the end of 2020, building on the framework set out in the Political Declaration.

Country Profile — Indonesia

7 February 2020

One of the world’s great emerging economies, Indonesia presents high potential for UK exporters in search of new growth markets.

Legislation and the Brexit transition period

31 January 2020

What happens to all the Brexit legislation produced by the Government now we have officially left the EU? Has all the amending legislation on EU Exit come into force? Paul Clarke clarifies what happens to UK legislation during the Implementation Period.

Brexit Watch — For whom the bell doesn’t toll

31 January 2020

As we all now know, Big Ben did not ring out as the UK left the European Union at 11pm (midnight, Brussels time) on 31 January 2020. Official celebrations were muted and, over in Brussels, the union jack which has flown outside the European Parliament for nearly 50 years was quietly removed and donated to the EU museum. Three years of sound and fury came to an anti-climactic end as Brexit was finally “done”. This was probably a fair reflection of the importance of the moment because despite the significance given to the date by determined Brexiters, it proved to be the day when very little actually changed.

Country Profile — Romania

17 January 2020

The EU’s fastest-growing economy, Romania is starting to gain a wider recognition among the UK business community.

Brexit Watch — 2020 vision

6 January 2020

It was clear during the recent election campaign that Boris Johnson and his team had agreed on the simple message “Get Brexit done” given that he and his Ministers repeated the slogan at every opportunity. The reactions to it were two-fold: one, it was very effective in delivering votes; and two, it was some distance from the truth. What the Prime Minister was promising to “get done” with his “oven-ready deal” was to persuade Parliament to back the Withdrawal Agreement that he had negotiated with the European Commission in the weeks before Christmas.

Country Profile — Nepal

20 December 2019

A small landlocked country in the Himalayas with an ancient culture, Nepal is familiar terrain for British adventurers, though less so for UK businesses.

New EU Trade Commissioner looks to the future

16 December 2019

Speaking in Dublin before the UK general election, Irish Commissioner Phil Hogan outlined his priorities for trade as he takes up his new portfolio for the next five years from 1 December.

Overseas exhibitions

13 December 2019

Exhibitions, trade shows and conferences that are relevant to your business can be an invaluable source of information and contacts. The most effective way to use them can vary, however. Carelessness can lead to a large waste of time and money.