Country Profile — Niger

22 June 2018

One of the world’s biggest uranium producers, but at the same time one of its poorest economies, Niger hopes to overcome current challenges to exploit its long-term potential. Martin Clark reports.

Country Profile — Turkmenistan

29 May 2018

A nation at a crossroads, Turkmenistan may be best known for its large natural gas reserves, but there is more to come from this former Soviet republic at the very heart of Asia as it shifts focus away from Moscow to new trading partners. Martin Clark reports.

The shape of a future UK-EU trade agreement

16 May 2018

Now that progress has been made on the Withdrawal Agreement and the transition period or implementation period, the focus between the UK and the EU is moving to discussing the shape of a possible future trade agreement after Brexit. Henrietta Clarke reports.

Country Profile — Bahrain

3 May 2018

Once known mainly for pearl fishing, there are even more lucrative catches in this small Gulf country. Martin Clark reports.

Country Profile — Botswana

15 March 2018

One of Africa’s wealthier states, Botswana holds great appeal for British firms both within the mining industry and other less established sectors. Martin Clark reports.

GDPR — the time to act is now!

28 February 2018

GDPR — it’s been in the news and on websites, discussed on social media for months, but what does it mean? Crucially, what do companies who trade internationally need to do? Tim Hiscock reports.