Country Profile — Netherlands

25 October 2018

The Netherlands is familiar territory for British exporters, a place where business ties run deep. Martin Clark reports.

EU ideas for WTO reform

25 October 2018

Henrietta Clarke reports on initial EU ideas for the modernisation of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Country Profile — Latvia

31 August 2018

A small but progressive market for UK exporters, Latvia’s economy has thrived since independence and is now a key member of the EU group. Martin Clark reports.

EU urges preparedness for Brexit

17 August 2018

The European Commission has set out its preparations for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and urged businesses and individuals to prepare for all outcomes. Henrietta Clarke reports.

Country Profile — Austria

10 August 2018

A gateway into the broader central and eastern European region, Austria is a small but strategic market for UK businesses. Martin Clark reports.

Country Profile — Algeria

20 July 2018

Africa’s largest country and home to 40 million people, Algeria is already an important destination for UK trade and investment. Martin Clark reports.