Anti-dumping duties brought down

4 May 2012

The EU and US agreed on 6 February 2012 to bring excessive American anti-dumping duties down to World Trade Organization (WTO) levels. Henrietta Clarke outlines the implications of this change.

TDG and “small” quantities

2 May 2012

Desmond Waight looks at how the Orange Book provides for the transportation of dangerous goods in small, very small, and minute quantities.

How to grow your business and stay green

23 April 2012

Can a company increase its profits, reduce waste, improve its compliance standards and meet the aspirations of its stakeholders, while enjoying financial benefits such as lower capital limitations and a lower cost of debt? The answer is “yes”. Verity Hambrook explains how.

Stay ahead with end-to-end supply chain management

17 April 2012

2011 was a difficult year for supply chain professionals, not least due to natural disasters and the impact of floods, volcanic ash and a tsunami. At the same time, globalisation continued, with companies increasingly prioritising new markets and locations for procuring raw materials and setting up new factories and warehouses.

Managing your sustainable supply chain

17 April 2012

As sustainability and ethical procurement move from being buzzwords to standard expectations, SMEs may find the concept of managing corporate responsibility risks in their supply chains daunting. Soledad Milius suggests some practical starting points.