UK Global Tariff: preparing for trade after the EU

29 December 2020

The UK formally left the EU at the end of January 2020 but remained within the single market and the customs union during an 11-month transition period in order to allow negotiations between the two sides over their future trading relationship. Those talks were successfully completed on 24 December 2020 with the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement being finally completed just one week before the end of the transition period. While 1 January 2021 sees the re-introduction of formalities and paperwork that have not been necessary for almost 50 years, thanks to the agreement it will not now mean the imposition of tariffs and quotas on trade between the two.

UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the European Union

28 December 2020

The UK has reached an agreement on trade and cooperation with the EU. Tim Hiscock summarises what is known so far about the impact of the agreement on exporters and importers of goods, and all those involved in the movement of goods such as freight brokers and haulage companies.

Brexit — a map of the final frontier

24 December 2020

After an 11-month transition period, the UK’s exit from the EU is complete. Jon Herbert summarises the major points and relevant guidance.

FAQs on employing foreign nationals post-Brexit

24 December 2020

The FAQs below detail everything organisations need to know regarding the employment of foreign workers following our exit from the EU. This information is being continually checked and updated.

Recruiting export staff

15 December 2020

Maintaining profitable growth in export business requires specialist skills and knowledge. And the more that export activity grows, the greater the demands that will be placed on the export team. Stringent training and recruitment strategies are essential to long term success.

Northern Ireland trade after the end of the transition period

14 December 2020

While attention in recent weeks has tended to focus on what will happen at the Channel ports when the UK leaves the single market on 31 December 2020, there is another border between the two. Recently, hauliers and businesses working in or trading with Northern Ireland have been being alerted to the considerable changes that they too can expect at the end of the transition period. The explanation for the forthcoming changes can be found in the Northern Ireland Protocol which was formulated as part of the 2019 Withdrawal Agreement signed by the UK Government and the European Union.

Country Profile — Canada

10 December 2020

A continuity trade pact, with the promise of a bespoke new deal in 2021, means Canada is ready to do business with UK exporters.