Trade watch 2012

28 November 2012

A regularly updated feature article by Martin Posner that concentrates on a particular enterprise and its success in international trade.

EU regulatory news 2012

28 November 2012

A regularly updated article featuring recent and forthcoming legislation affecting the EU, compiled by Vivienne Kendall.

Knowledge management: it’s what you know …

1 November 2012

In today’s “lease everything” business world, knowledge can be said to be a firm’s greatest asset. But, Eric Bagshaw asks, how can this valuable but intangible resource be captured, shared and exploited?

Industrial accidents

31 October 2012

The Seveso III Directive brings in new legislation for the control of large quantities of dangerous substances. Eric Davies reports.

Classification and labelling issues

31 October 2012

This article by Gill Pagliuca reviews some of the more common classification and labelling issues that subscribers will have encountered, or may encounter as they reclassify their mixture over the next few years, or as they receive products from their suppliers which have been relabelled according to the new classification regime.