Labelling and SDSs for imported chemicals

20 March 2013

In this feature article Desmond Waight describes the classification, labelling and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) requirements applicable to importers into the EU of general hazardous chemicals.

Export out of the EU

13 March 2013

In this article Desmond Waight explains the regulatory environment when exporting general hazardous chemical products out of the European Union (EU).

Eurotunnel provisions (use of ADR 2013)

6 March 2013

The rules for the carriage of dangerous goods by air, sea and inland transport are clear, but it is different when using the Channel Tunnel, explains Desmond Waight.

Enforcing EU international trade rights

5 March 2013

The European Commission has proposed a new enforcement framework for international trade rules so that the EU can react swiftly and efficiently to enforce its rights, reports Henrietta Clarke.

Green Paper on unfair trading practices

5 March 2013

The European Commission has adopted a Green Paper on unfair trading practices in the business-to-business food and non-food supply chain, and has set out an associated European Retail Action Plan. Eric Davies reports.

Review of REACH chemicals regulation

27 February 2013

Mark Selby looks at the European Commission’s report on Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), which discusses the progress of the regulation to date, as well as suggesting improvements.

Transport: a challenge for policy makers

26 February 2013

Transport presents many difficulties for policy makers seeking better air quality. Rob Bell reports on the findings of the latest European Environment Agency report assessing the environmental impact of transport across Europe.

Why segregation for sea is so demanding

13 February 2013

Almost all goods to be shipped are containerised. Although the containers may appear indestructable, when things go wrong, the consequences are far-reaching. Richard Masters discusses the importance of safe stowage for dangerous goods.

In Court: registration of a Community trade mark

30 January 2013

Judgment in Joined Cases T-225/06 RENV, T-255/06 RENV, T-257/06 RENV, and T-309/06 RENV Budějovický Budvar národní podnik v OHIM, dismissing the actions brought by Budějovický Budvar against the registration of the Community trade mark “Bud” for beer, applied for by Anheuser-Busch. Neil Baylis reports.