Green labelling — getting your message across

2 July 2013

Communicating environmental information is key to how businesses promote their products and report environmental performance. An organisation’s communications strategy should cover both processes and products as an integral part of an environmental management system (EMS). John Barwise explains what is required when making green claims for products and services, with reference to the Government’s recently updated Green Claims Code.

London Gateway Port — latest news

25 June 2013

Martin Posner reports on how a major UK importer and a freight and logistics company are planning to take advantage of the new facilities to be offered by the London Gateway Port.

Trade barriers in Latin America

12 June 2013

Latin America is now much more on British businesses’ radar than ever before, says Gabriela Castro. However, they may encounter a few blips, in the form of various countries’ protectionist practices and trade barriers.

Making procurement work — for environment and employment

11 June 2013

Nearly 40 years ago, the European Commission published its first public procurement directive, arguing that the billions spent every year by public bodies could, if opened up to more competition, provide a huge boost to the economy. The same ideas are perhaps even more valid today. Paul Clarke examines the current state of play with regard to harnessing the spending power of central and local government and looks at recent ideas such as using procurement to promote the drive towards sustainability.

Customs update 2013

6 June 2013

Paul Ellis reports on customs-related issues in this regularly updated feature article.

Arms Trade Treaty

5 June 2013

Eric Davies looks at the Arms Trade Treaty, which will regulate the international trade in conventional arms.