Brexit Watch — Love Supreme?

27 September 2019

When this series of articles first started three years ago, it would not have seemed credible that we would now be on our third Conservative Prime Minister and that the UK would still be in preliminary negotiations with the EU over the terms of its departure. Paul Clarke updates us on the ever-changing world of EU withdrawal.

What’s behind successful business innovation?

24 September 2019

Innovation may once have been the product of good luck plus “one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. Now it is a strategic element of economic successes that must deliver continuously. Which means that innovation itself is undergoing a make-over, reports Jon Herbert.

Country Profile — Israel

20 September 2019

A country never far away from the spotlight, Israel nonetheless boasts a diversified and sophisticated economy with rich potential for foreign firms. Martin Clark reports.

Country Profile — Poland

6 September 2019

One of Europe’s big economic success stories since it transformed into a market economy back in the early 1990s, Poland still has plenty of room for growth yet. Martin Clark reports.

Brexit Watch — A dialogue of the deaf

2 September 2019

The chances of anything coming from Mars, as anyone who remembers Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War of the Worlds will tell you, were a million to one — and we know what happened next. So perhaps Prime Minister Boris Johnson was channelling his inner Richard Burton when he told the country in July that those were the odds against a no-deal Brexit, only to do a sharp u-turn a few weeks later and say that it was now “touch and go” whether or not a Brexit deal would be possible.

The EU maintains it is prepared for Brexit

15 August 2019

The position of the EU remains that a no-deal scenario on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is undesirable but is possible and their preparations are in place. In June the European Council reviewed the state of play of planning for a no-deal scenario, including the Commission’s fifth Brexit Preparedness Communication which takes stock of preparations and contingency measures taken by the EU and the other 27 Member States, the impact of the extension period and any remaining preparatory work that needs to be done. The Commission concludes that the measures taken remain fit for purpose and no new measures are planned before the withdrawal date but calls on Member States to make sure that all measures are in place. It stresses that contingency measures can only mitigate the most significant disruptions of a withdrawal without an agreement.

Managing a distributor

9 August 2019

In a previous article we looked at the process of selecting a distributor, and it was stressed that this can be one of the most important success factors in any market. But we also noted that choosing the distributor is just the start says Tim Hiscock.

Brexit watch — Vote Leave 2.0

2 August 2019

As was predicted by everyone, including probably Jeremy Hunt, the new Prime Minister is Boris Johnson. What was not expected was that, within a few days of entering Number 10, he would have brought the Vote Leave team back together as he put Michael Gove in charge of Brexit planning and appointed political strategist Dominic Cummings as his special adviser.

Country Profile — Tunisia

19 July 2019

Tunisia offers a gateway into the growing North Africa region and is slowly repairing the damage to its reputation after the testing times of recent years. Martin Clark reports.