Customs guidance

6 December 2019

Dealing with customs issues can be daunting for businesses that are not used to dealing with them. There will be many businesses that previously did not have to deal with customs matters but once the UK leaves the EU will now become immersed in customs intricacies. HMRC has been issuing guidance regarding sources of information and help. This article provides indicators to this guidance.

Country Profile — Paraguay

6 December 2019

Paraguay is keen to reach out to the wider world. While current trade volumes may only be modest, there is long-term potential for business to be done. Martin Clark reports.

Brexit Watch — Happy New Year?

29 November 2019

After nearly three years of emergency sittings of Parliament, crisis EU summits and last-minute deals, November 2019 was the month when nothing really happened as far as Brexit is concerned. This, of course, was because Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally got the general election which he had repeatedly said that he did not want and, as is traditional in the UK, the whole political system then went into what has become known as “purdah”.

Women under-represented in international trade

22 November 2019

Women in Europe are under-represented in international trade with only 20% of exporting companies in the EU owned, led or managed by women. This is one of the findings of a study From Europe to the World: Understanding challenges for European Businesswomen by the International Trade Centre and financed by the European Commission. EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström hosted a conference on 30th September to look at the results of this study and to seek to achieve greater involvement of women in international trade, in the EU and beyond. The study, conducted in 2019, covers more than 1000 companies across 12 EU countries in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors exporting outside the EU.

Country Profile — Haiti

15 November 2019

The tiny Caribbean island nation of Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas, but it is a place where development is long overdue. Martin Clark reports.

Brexit — Import and export implications after the extension to Article 50

7 November 2019

Following the referendum in 2016, the UK Government invoked Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union, confirming the intention to leave the EU. A third extension to the original deadline was requested, and was granted until 31 January 2020. Tim Hiscock looks at the impact on importers and exporters.

A "no-deal" Brexit — is your business prepared?

1 November 2019

The UK is due to leave the EU on 31 January 2020. Although the Government has made a draft agreement with the EU, it is still possible that there will be a no-deal Brexit. Furthermore, if there is no deal it is possible that the UK and EU could enter into agreements for specific areas. Consequently, this is a fluid situation and significant changes may be introduced at any time.

Brexit Watch — They think it’s all over…

31 October 2019

And yet, still it goes on. This was the month when Brexit was finally supposed to be “done” – after all, the UK now had a Prime Minister in Boris Johnson who had said that he would rather die in a ditch than return to the EU to ask for yet another extension. Paul Clarke updates us on the ever-changing world of EU withdrawal.

Field research — Making the best of a visit to a target market

4 October 2019

Developing a new market is often a challenging and painstaking task, and usually requires a significant investment of time and resource. For most exporters, an exploratory visit to the market can pay dividends. But without proper preparation, the time and effort can easily be wasted says Tim Hiscock.