Country Profile — Tunisia

19 July 2019

Tunisia offers a gateway into the growing North Africa region and is slowly repairing the damage to its reputation after the testing times of recent years. Martin Clark reports.

Allez, France!

12 July 2019

If there’s one country that is almost guaranteed to elicit a strong reaction from a British exporter, it’s usually France says Tim Hiscock. Maybe this is just a part of our long history of rivalry, our common roots as formal colonial powers, or perhaps it’s something more? Between the years 1193 to 1898, Britain (or England) and France were at war more than thirty times, covering a total of over 200 years of fighting. Technically, the period between the Fashoda Incident of 1898 and the present day is the longest period of unbroken peace the two countries have ever known.

Brexit watch — Hallowe’en…and bust?

28 June 2019

If as Harold Wilson said a week is a long time in politics then just look what can happen in a month. In our previous review of the Brexit situation, a cast of thousands was assembling to contest the leadership of the Conservative Party: now the likes of Andrea Leadsom and Dominic Raab are a distant memory as the field has been reduced to two. To no great surprise, one of the candidates left standing after a series of elimination votes by Conservative MPs is Boris Johnson: the other is Jeremy Hunt, cast in the role of the plucky outsider. They now face meetings with Conservative party members across the country until, on Tuesday 23 July, the winner will be announced and we will have a new leader of the Conservative Party, and a new Prime Minister. Then the fun will start.

Forthcoming trade events July 2019 update

28 June 2019

This regularly updated events calendar notifies importers and exporters of forthcoming conferences, seminars/workshops, trade shows, trade missions and networking opportunities worldwide.

Trade talks with the US under way

21 June 2019

On his recent visit to the UK, the US president Donald Trump said that “the US is committed to a phenomenal trade deal between the US and UK”. He said that there is “tremendous potential in that trade deal” and that it could increase by 2 or 3 times the trade being done now.

Country Profile — Nigeria

7 June 2019

One of the fastest growing markets in the world for UK exports, Nigeria is a destination British firms can no longer afford to ignore. Martin Clark reports.

Segregation of dangerous goods for sea

6 June 2019

In this article, Caroline Raine describes the segregation of different dangerous goods from one another, specifically explaining the rules when transporting dangerous goods by sea, following the IMDG code.

Brexit watch — Brexit splits the country

3 June 2019

This headline could well have been used for the first article in this series, after the 2016 referendum result found 52% in favour of leaving the EU and 48% in favour of remaining a member. Three years later, the May 2019 elections to the European Parliament have highlighted a still divided country with the spectacular gains of the new Brexit Party at least partly balanced by strong showings by the committed Remain parties: the Greens, the SNP and, particularly, the Liberal Democrats. Voters seemed determined to punish the two main parties with the Conservatives taking the blame for failing to deliver Brexit while Labour’s prevarication on a second vote also failed to impress (leaving it falling to an unprecedented fifth place in Scotland). Although the pro-Remain Change UK failed to win a single seat, this was offset by the almost compete demise of Mr Farage’s previous party, UKIP. The final result saw at least 33 of the UK’s 73 MEPs being in favour of the end of its membership of the Union.

Selecting a distributor

31 May 2019

Choosing an effective distributor for an export market is one of the most important decisions you will make. A poor choice can lock a business or product out of a market permanently.