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Brexit Planning Toolkit

8 February 2019

Almost 50% of the UK’s international trade is with the other 27 countries of the EU (EU27). Businesses that trade directly or indirectly with the EU27 will be affected by Brexit and should plan for the impact on their operations.

HMRC simplifies customs procedures for no-deal Brexit

5 February 2019

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has announced simplified procedures for businesses importing from the EU, as part of its no-deal Brexit preparations in the event of the UK leaving without a withdrawal agreement on 29 March. Pat Sweet reports.

Brexit Watch — if voting changed anything…

4 February 2019

Paul Clarke updates us on the ever-changing world of EU withdrawal.

Country Profile — Venezuela

23 January 2019

A tough market and a struggling economy, but the oil sector and other natural resources point to its long-term potential of this South American country. Martin Clark reports.

Historic defeat risks no-deal Brexit

17 January 2019

With 10 weeks to go before the UK is scheduled to leave the EU the Prime Minister’s failure to win approval for the terms of her withdrawal agreement by a 230-vote margin, the worst government defeat in British history, has heightened the uncertainty businesses face.

Brexit Watch — one hundred and out

14 January 2019

Paul Clarke takes us through some of the recent developments in the world of EU withdrawal.

EU regulatory news 2018

28 December 2018

A regularly updated article featuring recent and forthcoming legislation affecting the EU, compiled by Paul Clarke.

Forthcoming trade events 2019

28 December 2018

This regularly updated events calendar notifies importers and exporters of forthcoming conferences, seminars/workshops, trade shows, trade missions and networking opportunities worldwide.

Official advice on trading in a no-deal Brexit scenario

10 December 2018

Paul Clarke examines the recently published Partnership Pack aimed at helping businesses to prepare for the “unlikely” event of a no-deal Brexit.

Country Profile — Cuba

7 December 2018

With the normalising of relations with the West, this Caribbean island is starting to enjoy a new life in the sun, raising hopes for further trade and investment. Martin Clark reports.