Mental distress ‘spike’ could become long-term trend, says report

16 September 2020

A Lancet Psychiatry study of 17,452 participants during late April 2020 has found that more than one quarter reported a level of mental distress that is “potentially clinically significant” (27.3 per cent), compared with one in five people before the pandemic (18.9 per cent).

Working with agents and distributors

16 September 2020

It has often been said that the choice of local representative is the single most important decision in exporting success. It’s certainly true that the local representative will be the face of your business and products in their market, so they have a crucial role to play. Tim Hiscock looks at how an exporter should go about finding a representative and how they decide what the correct method of representation is?

Time for the government to up its game

16 September 2020

The government needs to prepare and publish an adequate plan setting out how it will manage a possible resurgence of Covid-19 this winter, says Lawrence Waterman.

Escalator safety

16 September 2020

Mike Sopp examines the hazards associated with escalator equipment, maintenance requirements and how to take appropriate safety measures.

Caring for people with dementia — Covid-19 and recent developments

16 September 2020

The coronavirus has had a huge impact on those suffering from dementia, with over one in four deaths being those of people with a dementia diagnosis. Deborah Bellamy looks at how this can be addressed, as well as recent developments regarding dementia prevention.

Managing annual leave during coronavirus

16 September 2020

With coronavirus still creating numerous issues for companies, many employers may be wondering how they should manage annual leave requests. Ben McCarthy, lead researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i, examines this in more detail below.

Export pricing

16 September 2020

Effective pricing of our products and services for export markets is an essential part of a successful strategy. Setting prices too low can be at least as damaging as setting them too high. Here we discuss implementing an effective pricing strategy.

Disability discrimination: case law

15 September 2020

The relationship between health and safety and disability discrimination law is illustrated by a number of cases. Barrister Robert Spicer reports.