1 in 3 unsure if workplaces are safe to go back to

15 July 2020

Over a third (34 per cent) of people who have recently returned to work say they have not seen their employers’ risk assessments for working safely during the coronavirus crisis, a TUC poll has found.

Are your premises compliant?

15 July 2020

Phil Pinnington provides advice on minimising the risks from coronavirus when maintenance contractors visit your workplace.

HSE updates its coronavirus guidance webpages

15 July 2020

HSE has updated its coronavirus guidance with new information on topics such as managing the risk of legionella when reopening buildings, minimising the health risks from using display screen equipment (DSE) at home and ensuring drivers have access to suitable welfare facilities when visiting non-domestic premises.

How to avoid the legal pitfalls

15 July 2020

Lawyer Richard Thomas provides some advice on ensuring legal compliance as workplaces are re-opened following the lockdown.

Unblocking the lockdown

15 July 2020

Charlie Mullins explains how Pimlico Plumbers has kept staff and customers safe from the risks posed by coronavirus.

Health and safety consultants: criminal liability

14 July 2020

The prosecution of a health and safety consultant for health and safety-related criminal offences emphasises the potential liability of such consultants for failings in their professional duties. Robert Spicer reports.

How to use the Care Inspection Audit Tool

13 July 2020

Inspections are carried out in just one or two days, but your “internal inspecting” should be continuous and it is important to cover all key areas described in the CQC Key Lines of Enquiry systematically. This is where the interactive Inspection Audit Tool is invaluable. We explain how to use it.

“Recovering” as a care service from coronavirus

13 July 2020

The World Health Organisation announced in March that the rapid spread of Covid-19 around the world could be termed a “pandemic”, therefore creating a crisis for every government’s public health authorities. Governments had to act quickly to impose measures to reduce the imminent spread of this “novel” virus in their country and to provide effective care and treatment for those who contracted it. Care expert Chris Payne looks at where we are now, the opportunity for reflection on its impact and the potential way forward for care services.