Cancer: the facts

1 February 2019

The workplace can be a key battleground in the fight against cancer, particularly if there are potential risks from ionising radiation and carcinogenic substances. Jon Herbert reports on the key facts.

Fire evacuation from office buildings

22 January 2019

Alan Field examines the importance of reviewing the technical aspects of fire evacuation strategies in office buildings. All aspects of life safety fire risk assessments should always be considered in terms of how operational routines may aid or compromise the assumptions made within those assessments.

Flexible workplaces: what does the research say?

8 January 2019

If you need some evidence to make the case for a flexible workspace, or are wondering what relevance all the research has, look no further. Here, Laura King looks at some of 2018’s reports on the subject and identifies the pertinent questions answered.

Running away slowly? The environmental and safety issues around drainage

3 January 2019

In this article Alan Field explains how to identify drainage assets and be aware of both the safety and environmental issues that their ongoing maintenance could entail. For some sites this may be straightforward. However, this cannot be assumed. At some sites subsurface drainage services will require further investigation and levels of risk assessment.

Laundry matters: taking advantage of the latest technology

18 December 2018

Businesses and organisations with a laundry facility must ensure high levels of health and safety. Dave Howell assesses how laundry facilities have evolved and how environment and facilities managers can take advantage of the latest technology.