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Feature Articles

Blinded by the light

22 June 2018

A common focus for organisations is providing enough natural light into working spaces. High-performance glass is well developed, but what about when you need to block or regulate the light? Dave Howell considers how blinds can be used effectively.

Prosecution of individuals for health and safety breaches

19 June 2018

Barrister Robert Spicer reports on the rise in prosecutions of the responsible individuals for health and safety breaches.

Troubling times in the water industry puts businesses at risk

19 June 2018

England’s businesses and domestic users face serious water shortages because water companies are failing to invest in essential infrastructure and water efficiency. In this report, John Barwise reviews the barrage of criticism levelled at the water industry by the Government and regulators and explains what’s available on Croner-i to help businesses minimise the risks of water shortages and manage water use more efficiently.

Unblocking supply chain visibility

12 June 2018

Laura King looks at how blockchain can improve supply chain transparency and boost consumer confidence.

Disabled workers and health and safety

6 June 2018

Health and safety laws must never be used to compromise the employment of disabled workers. Quite the opposite. The support available to employers and employees can help to create both an efficient working environment and rewarding employment opportunities, argues Jon Herbert.

Terror threat escalation procedures

3 June 2018

Mike Sopp examines what action an organisation should take when a terror threat escalation occurs.

Access all areas

21 May 2018

Having a disability should not mean that you are any less able to use a building or its facilities. Laura King reviews how to audit a building to ensure it is accessible to all.

Grenfell: an update on the Hackitt review

18 May 2018

Following an interim report in late 2017, the final report and subsequent recommendations were published in May 2018. What are they? Mike Sopp reports.

Help for your head: wellbeing and mental health

16 May 2018

Wellbeing has consistently been shown to influence the efficiency of a workforce. The profile of mental health has risen dramatically over the past two years, but more needs to be done. Dave Howell reports.

Engaging businesses in Sustainable Development Goals

15 May 2018

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to end poverty and protect the planet. According to the UN, the private sector has a pivotal role to play in making this happen. In this report, John Barwise highlights the areas of common interest, identifies which SDGs are linked to environmental management standards and explains how businesses are getting involved.


You are viewing free content from a subscription product

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