Feature Articles

Laundry matters: taking advantage of the latest technology

18 December 2018

Businesses and organisations with a laundry facility must ensure high levels of health and safety. Dave Howell assesses how laundry facilities have evolved and how environment and facilities managers can take advantage of the latest technology.

Fighting an invasion: dealing with non-native species

17 December 2018

Laura King outlines the legislation and steps that organisations need to take to protect against invasive plants.

Practical jokes at work: the health and safety implications

17 December 2018

While practical jokes and pranks at work can be considered a natural way of letting off steam, some actions can pose a serious health and safety threat. Mike Sopp looks at recent and historical cases that show how “horseplay”, when it goes wrong, can have a serious impact on both individuals and the employer.

Stress-related illness — the employer’s responsibilities

12 December 2018

In this article, Kathy Daniels, employment law author and associate professor, gives a summary of your responsibilities in ensuring that employees are not subject to excessive stress in the workplace.

Organised waste crime — out of control and costing taxpayers £billions

12 December 2018

Waste crime is fraud and is costing taxpayers an estimated £1 billion a year. A new independent report is now calling for all waste producers, including businesses, to be more accountable for their waste and where it ends up. In this report, John Barwise reviews the report’s key findings and highlights what businesses must do to meet their legal obligations.

Taking the heat: ensuring a modern fire safety system

11 December 2018

In the wake of Grenfell Tower, what does a modern fire safety system look like? How can facilities managers (FMs) improve their systems? Dave Howell reports.

Case report: company fined following actions of an employee

4 December 2018

On 7 November 2018, Yeovil Magistrates’ Court ordered Ablebox Ltd to pay £13,000 in fines and costs following a pollution incident which turned the River Yeo purple.

Risk assessment and maintenance safety

3 December 2018

With figures from Europe suggesting 20% of all accidents are related to maintenance activities, the need to undertake a suitable and sufficient risk assessment for maintenance work is clear. Mike Sopp reports.

The smart washroom

27 November 2018

Dave Howell reports on how new technologies are moving into washroom services to enable them to become more sustainable.

The benefits of having an Energy Management System

27 November 2018

The increasing cost and longer term scarcity of energy coupled with the need to progressively reduce CO2 emissions means that energy management should be on the agenda of every organisation. Alan Field looks at the benefits of implementing an Energy Management System (EnMS), with reference to ISO 50001, which has just been reissued in its 2018 version.