Environmental rules affecting businesses post Brexit

5 February 2021

The new trading relationship between the UK and the EU incorporates zero tariffs and zero quotas on goods traded between the Bloc and the UK. This agreement depends on both sides adhering to agreed high standards on climate change and environmental protection. In this report, John Barwise considers what this is likely to mean for UK businesses, going forward.

Green energy — UK’s 2021 post-Brexit master plan

19 January 2021

Late-2020 saw a flurry of green policy announcements, a long-awaited energy white paper and the promise of important low-carbon consultations and decisions early in 2021. Jon Herbert looks at how the jig-saw pieces are shaping a different kind of future.

High Court decision in badger culling case

12 January 2021

On May 13, 2020, the High Court gave judgement in the case of The Queen (on the application of the National Farmers Union and T&G Stone Ltd) v Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Natural England. The claimants had applied for judicial review of the decision not to grant a badger culling licence in Derbyshire.

Brexit, Covid and a climate in crisis — a review of 2020

11 January 2021

A global pandemic, a climate in crisis and uncertainties over Brexit dominated the news in 2020, but it hasn’t all been gloom and doom. Greenhouse gas emissions are not rising as fast as expected, environmental protection is being strengthened and Covid vaccines should see life return to normal — or should that be the “new normal” — at some point. John Barwise reviews ups and downs of the last 12 months and what might be in store for businesses this year.

Why following EU legislation is still a good idea

11 January 2021

For nearly 50 years UK businesses have had to take account of legislation arising from the UK’s membership of the EU. Paul Clarke examines the background to that legislation, describes to what degree it will apply now the UK has left the Union and discusses what impact future European law will have on those trading with the EU Member States.

Travel — back to a very different future

18 December 2020

Has Covid-19 changed our transport patterns temporarily or permanently? As mass vaccination programmes gain momentum, factors even more pressing than the pandemic are beginning to reshape how we move from place to place. Jon Herbert reports.

Green Innovations: Christmas Edition

14 December 2020

The Christmas pantomime is yet another festive treat that many of us have been deprived of thanks to the pandemic. However, while things may look rather bleak on the panto front, there are numerous recent green innovations that could represent important progress on the path to a sustainable future. So, banish your winter 2020 blues with these promising innovations, introduced by some of your favourite pantomime characters.

The impact of the new plastic packaging tax

7 December 2020

As from April 2022, plastic packaging which contains less than 30% recycled content will be subject to a new tax. This will have significant cost implications for business. In this article, Tim and Caroline Hand take a closer look at the tax and its likely impact.

Future-proofing your business: Green credentials can attract Millennials and Gen Z

27 November 2020

Younger generations are committed to work that promises environmental sustainability. Intensified by the lessons of the pandemic, younger people continue to push for businesses and governments that don’t shy away from environmental responsibility. As we reach for a “better new normal”, business leaders need to ask how they can take full advantage of these value-driven commitments. Jack Barwise explores.