Improving health and safety in waste and recycling

8 April 2020

The waste and recycling sector has a fatality rate 17 times higher than the general industry average. We consider the main hazards and how the Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum is working to make the expanding sector safer.

Coronavirus and the GDPR

8 April 2020

Recent events have brought the GDPR back on to the agenda as the implications of how organisations are going to be expected to deal with the current COVID-19 epidemic have become apparent. There will clearly be a necessity for employers to ensure that the risk of infection to their staff, customers and the general public is minimised. At the same time they must be aware that the information they are collecting during this process can have significant privacy consequences.

How to make the move to homeworking

6 April 2020

Since the country went into lockdown, those who can be working from home should be doing so. There are many short and long-term benefits to this move but employers must not forget their legally binding health and safety responsibilities. Jon Herbert reports.

From global warming to net zero: your route map

27 March 2020

The UK Government has announced a target of net zero for UK greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. John Barwise defines the key environmental terms and explains the mechanisms by which we could achieve this ambitious target.

Case report: directors and company sentenced for hoarding waste tyres

24 March 2020

On 17 January 2020, Northampton Crown Court fined company Synergy Tyres (Midland) Ltd £11,250 and sentenced its two directors to a suspended prison sentence and community order respectively, for stockpiling waste tyres in excess of their environmental permit.

Progressing towards sustainable goals in 2020

19 March 2020

Small and medium-sized organisations could have key roles and opportunities this year arising from both the Environment Bill and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, reports Jon Herbert.