Managing stress during the pandemic

25 May 2020

Amid all the uncertainties and disruption caused by COVID-19, an awareness of how your team is coping is all-important. Laura King looks at what managers can do to reduce stress for themselves and employees.

Extending behaviour in the pandemic to help the climate

22 May 2020

Will the change in behaviour seen during the COVID-19 crisis help to solve the long-term environmental emergency? Expert views differ. However, this would be a good time for SMEs to reinvent and realign themselves to meet challenging times ahead. Jon Herbert reports in the fourth of our features on coronavirus and the environment.

Protecting clean air post-coronavirus

18 May 2020

Caroline Hand hopes that the lockdown has given us the impetus to maintain the current welcome drop in air pollution, in the third of our series of features on the relationship between the coronavirus and the environment.

Keeping the momentum on sustainability

7 May 2020

There are concerns that environmental efforts are going backwards while we concentrate on the battle against COVID-19. Laura King considers how sustainability professionals can continue to move forward in these unprecedented times in the second in a series of features looking at the pandemic and the environment.

COVID-19 — a wake-up call for public health and the planet

30 April 2020

The world is in lockdown and, for the first time in years, nature has breathing space. But will it last? And are pandemics more closely linked to nature and climate change than we thought? John Barwise has been finding out in the first of a series of articles on the subject.

Protecting empty property — how to prevent unwanted visitors

18 April 2020

An empty property can quite easily go from being an asset to a liability as such buildings are prime targets for anti-social behaviour. Laura King reviews some of the latest statistics and considers the options for protecting vacant sites from unwanted visitors.

Employee mental health and the coronavirus

17 April 2020

As the pandemic continues, employees may be struggling with their mental health, especially if they are working from home for the first time. Ben McCarthy, lead researcher and employment law writer at Croner-i, outlines ways of tackling this issue.

HS2 — investing in capacity, not just speed

10 April 2020

The Government’s recent green light for HS2 has raised passions on all sides. Opponents worry about environmental damage while proponents say this can be minimised and set in a context of very long-term economic and social gains. Jon Herbert reports.