How to become carbon neutral

20 October 2020

Reducing your business’s overall carbon footprint or even becoming carbon neutral is no longer an ambition but a commercial imperative. As Dave Howell reports, your company’s green credentials are now as important as the quality and price of your goods or services to each of your customers.

Net zero — is your business prepared?

19 October 2020

The UK is committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and most of the world’s leading economies are following a similar path. Larger companies are falling into line and supply chain businesses will be expected to do the same. In this report, John Barwise looks at the drivers for net zero and what businesses can do to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and avert a climate crisis.

10 ways to optimise homeworking

16 October 2020

As working from home becomes the new normal for many, Laura King outlines 10 considerations to help ensure the home office is safe and productive.

Data: a key to the UK’s economic recovery

16 October 2020

The Government believes data should be put to work across the economy to improve export performance, business efficiency, public services and the environment. The new National Data Strategy is designed to open up digital information’s full potential. Jon Herbert reports.

Managing colds and flu at work during the pandemic

12 October 2020

As autumn sets in, employers and workers in the UK will, as usual, be anticipating seasonal colds and flu. However, this year’s winter flu season will pose some unique challenges — not least due to the extensive overlap in the symptoms of seasonal colds and the coronavirus. Vicky Powell looks at how best to manage seasonal flu and colds at work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

New targets — a good start for Defra?

9 October 2020

In a move welcomed by green groups as “a good start”, Defra published proposals to set legally-binding environmental targets for England, to be achieved by 2030. These will be in the areas of air quality, water quality and management, waste and resources, and biodiversity. In this article, Caroline Hand focuses on the areas of most relevance to business.

Extinction or survival — humanity at a crossroads

5 October 2020

The world is facing species extinction on an unprecedented scale, undermining critical parts of the Earth’s ecosystems that are essential to human health and the wellbeing. We can either scale-up global collaboration to protect nature or face an uncertain future. The choice is ours. In this report, John Barwise reviews the UN’s latest biodiversity report and explores the solutions it says are essential to prevent a global breakdown.

Pathway to net zero: practical steps

18 September 2020

Net zero is an organisational aim for many, but what does it mean and what do companies need to think about when starting their net zero journey? Laura King outlines some practical considerations.