Covid-19’s multiple waste challenges

19 August 2020

Covid-19 health precautions can create follow-on safety problems. These include workplace waste control and its treatment in the UK’s high-fatality rate recycling sector, where Covid-19 measures can distract from basic health and safety rules, reports Jon Herbert.

Green road to a net-zero recovery

19 August 2020

A sustainable new normal is important for businesses. But the road to a post-pandemic UK economy that also helps to prepare for a warmer future is signposting challenges, opportunities and examples of much-needed ingenuity. Jon Herbert reports.

Water shortages predicted within 20 years — tackling the problem

4 August 2020

It is predicted that parts of the country are likely to run out of water within the next 20 years unless urgent action is taken to improve water infrastructure, reduce demand and fix the leaks. In this article, John Barwise reviews a damming report on the collective failure of the Government, the water companies and the regulators to manage England’s precious water resources, and highlights what needs to be done to avoid future shortages.

Time to stop beating about the bush: why nature is fundamental to business

27 July 2020

We rely on nature’s abundance for raw materials and its natural systems to keep everything in balance. A functioning planet also means secure and stable societies in which to work and trade. So why is nature not more prominent in business planning? Laura King considers how businesses can start assessing their dependencies on the earth’s resources and systems.

Hospitality, tourism, and a green recovery

20 July 2020

The hospitality and tourism sectors have been particularly harmed by the economic repercussions of Covid-19. With no clear end to the crisis in sight, means of conserving funds or securing government aid will be vital to these businesses. However, it is possible that these organisations could benefit from a green economic recovery that prioritises protecting the environment and sustainability. Tim and Caroline Hand report.