Managing your sustainable supply chain

17 April 2012

As sustainability and ethical procurement move from being buzzwords to standard expectations, SMEs may find the concept of managing corporate responsibility risks in their supply chains daunting. Soledad Milius suggests some practical starting points.

Air quality databases

11 April 2012

Paul Landau highlights the sources of both data and information on air-pollution measurements — both nationally and internationally — and summarises a selection of the main databases available.

Carbon versus the cost of renewables

3 April 2012

Necessity is intensifying the hunt for novel energy resources, both renewable and non-sustainable. But hard decisions could have long consequences. Jon Herbert explains further.

Contaminated land statutory guidance: a step in the right direction?

3 April 2012

As a follow-up to an earlier feature on Defra’s proposed revisions to Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 governing contaminated land, Rob Bell garners industry opinion and considers whether the new guidance is a step in the right direction.

NISP — a good return for public investment?

26 March 2012

The National Industrial Symbiosis Programme, a successful waste exchange programme, faces austerity cuts that may threaten its effectiveness, including the fact that membership is free and open to all. Caroline Hand reports.

Air wars — aviation and the environment

21 March 2012

Europe’s well-intended attempts to take carbon out of international aviation are on a collision course with much of the world. If not an air-war, then certainly a trade war looms. Jon Herbert reports.

Tightening UK energy security

20 March 2012

The issue of energy security is intrinsically linked to all decisions on the future of energy generation in the UK, and efforts to limit carbon emissions and contribute to international action to mitigate the effects of climate change. Can the UK make use of its natural resources in a bid to tighten this security for decades to come? Rob Bell reports.

Commercial PV looks to the future

13 March 2012

Paul Reeve considers the future of commercial PV, looking at expected PV tariffs and ways in which installers can help the user.

Is this the greenest Government ever?

12 March 2012

Soon after the Coalition was formed, David Cameron said he wanted the new administration to be the greenest government ever. Can the Government argue that it has succeeded? Flemmich Webb investigates.