Case report: Supreme Court decision in Okpabi oil pollution case

20 August 2021

On 12 February 2021, the Supreme Court gave judgment in the case of Okpabi and others v Royal Dutch Shell and another. Okpabi and other claimants had appealed against the dismissal of their appeal from the High Court to the Court of Appeal.

Waste: how does it end?

13 August 2021

Deciding whether or not something is waste is not always easy, especially when the “goalposts” of official guidance are liable to move. However, if businesses get it wrong, they can find themselves in court, charged with waste offences. This article looks at some recent events linked to waste classification and outlines the principles behind the definition of waste.

Greening up the workforce

9 August 2021

All sectors of the UK economy will go through a transformation on the journey to net zero, according to the government’s independent Green Jobs Taskforce. In this report, John Barwise summarises the Taskforce’s key findings and highlights emerging job opportunities across a range of business sectors.

Peat-free grounds management

3 August 2021

For decades, peat has been used in the UK as a growing medium for plants. However, with the growing recognition of peatlands as a carbon sink, the government’s long-awaited Peat Strategy has pledged to phase out its use. Laura King looks at why peat is used, and how organisations can move towards a peat-free future.

Are you OK? Mental health first aid training

29 July 2021

Should mental health first aid training become law? Laura King considers whether training can exist in isolation and how organisations can incorporate it into wider mental health support.

World Refill Day

26 July 2021

While 16 June 2021 may have passed with little fanfare, it hosted an event that represents an important shift towards sustainable practices. The event in question was World Refill Day, a public awareness campaign intended to reduce plastic pollution and waste. Caroline and Tim Hand explain refill schemes and how your business, large or small, can participate.

Sustainability in the workplace post-Covid-19

16 July 2021

As Government guidance around remote working begins to relax, the mass movement of workers returning to office spaces will inevitably increase travel and energy demands, as suggested by the UK Energy Statistics 2020, where the reported primary energy consumption fell by 24% in Q2 2020. Max Starr explains the unique opportunities and challenges businesses can create in order to set a new precedence in progressive sustainable practice.