Extending behaviour in the pandemic to help the climate

22 May 2020

Will the change in behaviour seen during the COVID-19 crisis help to solve the long-term environmental emergency? Expert views differ. However, this would be a good time for SMEs to reinvent and realign themselves to meet challenging times ahead. Jon Herbert reports in the fourth of our features on coronavirus and the environment.

COVID Secure: working safely in factories, plants and warehouses

19 May 2020

As businesses look to re-open following lockdown, the UK Government has published a set of guidance documents to assist a range of workplaces with advice on establishing safe operations. Gordon Tranter considers the advice given to people who work in or run factories, plants and warehouses.

Protecting clean air post-coronavirus

18 May 2020

Caroline Hand hopes that the lockdown has given us the impetus to maintain the current welcome drop in air pollution, in the third of our series of features on the relationship between the coronavirus and the environment.

Risk management for COVID-19: the new normal

18 May 2020

The coronavirus is a new hazard that will require the implementation of new risk control measures. Mike Sopp advises on how to assess and control the risks of a return to the workplace.

COVID Secure: working safely in offices and contact centres

18 May 2020

As Britain begins the return to work process, the Government has published a suite of guidance to help employers, workers and the self-employed work safely during the coronavirus pandemic. Vicky Powell looks at some of the key points for working safely in offices, contact centres and similar working spaces.

Re-opening the workplace after lockdown — part 1

12 May 2020

On Sunday 10 May 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that he had been working on guidance for employers in England on how workplaces can remain COVID-19 secure. This guidance was released on Monday 11 May 2020 as eight documents, each covering different sectors. There are some commonalities covering every sector.

Re-opening the workplace after lockdown — part 2

12 May 2020

In this article, we cover what measures employers may wish to put in place when re-opening the workplace, relating to revising working methods, employee training and absence management, as well as some of the more common HR considerations. The first part of this article covered matters relating to hygiene, cleaning and social distancing.