Food crisis amid the climate emergency and Brexit chaos?

8 October 2019

The UK’s high dependency on imported fresh food, coupled with failure to act on climate breakdown, is risking national food security, a committee of MPs has warned. As tensions rise over Brexit and millions protest over climate change, John Barwise assesses what the combined impacts might mean for UK trade and food security.

Light, bright and green — the productive office

1 October 2019

Employers, how would you like to increase staff productivity by up to 60%? The answer could be as simple as changing a light bulb or opening a window. Caroline Hand investigates.

From A to Z: business as unusual

24 September 2019

Our planet has had enough, and it’s time for us to change our ways. Here’s an A–Z of how small businesses can seize the day, stay ahead and embrace the future.

What’s behind successful business innovation?

24 September 2019

Innovation may once have been the product of good luck plus “one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. Now it is a strategic element of economic successes that must deliver continuously. Which means that innovation itself is undergoing a make-over, reports Jon Herbert.

Biophilia — adding quality of life to your work experience

17 September 2019

In today’s world, “greening” your business usually means focusing on things like recycling, resource efficiency and energy saving. But what about the really green stuff — nature itself? John Barwise explores the options and the benefits of letting a bit of biophilia into your workspace.