Occupational exposure limits

9 December 2019

Caroline Raine looks at occupational exposure limits (OELs), how they are implemented in the UK and what future legal requirements are likely to involve.

Green election promises — what the manifestos tell us

29 November 2019

All the main political parties have now published their manifestos for what promises to be one of the most tightly contested elections in a generation. The highly contentious Brexit debate is still high on the media agenda, but the plethora of new pledges to protect the environment, and deal with a climate crisis, has become a key election issue for most parties. In this article John Barwise looks at how the main political parties intend to deliver a low carbon future and speculates on what’s achievable.

Exposure to diesel engine exhaust emissions at work

27 November 2019

Exposure to diesel engine exhaust emissions (DEEEs) is an increasing workplace health and safety issue. Gordon Tranter describes the health effects of exposure to DEEEs and the steps that should be taken to reduce the risks from exposure.

Fashion upcycling — making more value from less

26 November 2019

Fashion may be fickle but its impacts are large and global. However, sustainable fashion is increasingly adding another low energy, low waste, low transport and low raw-material-use word to the circular economy’s four “Rs” — reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. Upcycling. Jon Herbert reports.

Can Black Friday ever be sustainable?

26 November 2019

Black Friday’s hyper consumerism is often seen as the antithesis to sustainable consumption. Although many companies take part, there are also a handful of retailers using the day to promote social responsibility. Laura King explores some of the strategies that organisations are using to buck the Black Friday trend.