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Feature Articles

10 things you need to know about natural capital

4 December 2018

Do you know what natural capital means for your organisation? Laura King answers some questions.

Case report: company fined following actions of an employee

4 December 2018

On 7 November 2018, Yeovil Magistrates’ Court ordered Ablebox Ltd to pay £13,000 in fines and costs following a pollution incident which turned the River Yeo purple.

The benefits of having an Energy Management System

27 November 2018

The increasing cost and longer term scarcity of energy coupled with the need to progressively reduce CO2 emissions means that energy management should be on the agenda of every organisation. Alan Field looks at the benefits of implementing an Energy Management System (EnMS), with reference to ISO 50001, which has just been reissued in its 2018 version.

The smart washroom

27 November 2018

Dave Howell reports on how new technologies are moving into washroom services to enable them to become more sustainable.

Five tips to getting the most from your data

20 November 2018

Laura King suggests five ways to turn a spreadsheet of numbers into action.

The flexitarian solution

13 November 2018

Caroline Hand examines research showing the impact of food production on climate change and explores the challenges of persuading people to change their eating habits.

Keen as mustard for biofuels

13 November 2018

What role does mustard play in air travel? Would you expect to find it in tasty sandwiches or fuel tanks? The answer is, both. But although Qantas has used a 10% mustard blend in its renewable fuels, biofuels generally pose complex environmental challenges. Jon Herbert reports.

Case report: serious agricultural pollution leads to over £23,000 in fines and costs

6 November 2018

On 25 September 2018, King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court fined both storage company DEM (King’s Lynn) Ltd and the land’s controller Trevor Sieley following a pollution incident on agricultural land. Polly Lord reports.

IPCC report — final call to stop the world from overheating

6 November 2018

We have 12 years to stop the world from overheating by cutting global warming an extra half a degree, climate scientists warn. The response of the planet’s largest carbon emitters has been “cool”, but in the wrong way. Can the UK Government and UK business make a difference? Jon Herbert reports.

The many meanings of zero waste to landfill

30 October 2018

Many organisations are now implementing a zero waste to landfill policy. They may also have customers or contractors who are doing the same or considering such a policy. Yet, the term zero waste to landfill can create confusion as there is no one agreed definition of what it means in practice. Alan Field explains how to identify some of the complexities of what’s getting down to zero can mean.


You are viewing free content from a subscription product

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