Feature Articles

Water Management toolkit

19 February 2019

Businesses pay for water three times — once when they buy it from the water utility company and again when it is discharged as waste effluent, plus a standing charge for both services. A 20% VAT charge is normally added.

The Clean Air Strategy 2019

19 February 2019

The Government’s new Clean Air Strategy promises to take radical action on particulate pollution and has been praised by countryside NGOs for its pledge to reduce agricultural ammonia emissions. Other commentators, however, have condemned it as being too vague and lacking in concrete proposals for action. In this article Caroline Hand takes an overview of the strategy, highlighting the key targets and forthcoming legislation to which the Government has committed itself.

Making a stand: what is corporate activism?

12 February 2019

Corporate activism has many facets. From the activist CEO to the shop-floor employee, activism in organisations around the world is growing. Laura King explores what corporate activism is and how it can be fostered.

Environment Agency clarifies environmental compliance assessment

4 February 2019

The Environment Agency (EA) has published streamlined guidance on how it assesses and scores permit compliance and how these affect charges for waste operations and installations. John Barwise outlines the key principles, explains the scoring system and subsistence charges and outlines the regulator’s plans to move to performance-based regulations.

Case report: Thames Water fined £2 million for 2015 pollution incident

4 February 2019

On 21 December 2018, Oxford Crown Court fined Thames Water £2 million following pollution of raw sewage into Oxfordshire steams.

Green innovations update

29 January 2019

In their latest review of environmental innovations, Tim and Caroline Hand look at smart bins, carbon dioxide (CO2) batteries, cryptocurrency heat, fish and chip fuel, preservative stickers and a potato-based wood substitute.

New nuclear power — small is beautiful?

29 January 2019

Why split hairs? Why spilt atoms? On the mega-scale, the UK’s promised fleet of new conventional power plant is now down to one — Hinkley Point C. But the small-scale development of Advanced Nuclear Technologies offers the potential of new export markets and a brand-new supply chain. Jon Herbert reports.

Connected, controlled, customised: the future of mobility

22 January 2019

The future of mobility is one of the four interlinked Grand Challenges established in the Government’s Industrial Strategy. Caroline Hand investigates.

Points win prizes: can gamification change behaviour?

22 January 2019

Laura King looks at how gamification can encourage employees to adopt environmentally friendly behaviours.

New Year, new business: green resolutions to adopt in 2019

21 January 2019

As more and more organisations look for ways to improve their environmental credentials, Will Richardson suggests some simple steps which can make a big difference.