Energy costs — how to deal with the relentless rise in prices

11 August 2022

Businesses are struggling to deal with substantial increases in the cost of electricity and gas. In this article, John Barwise provides some useful low-cost options for improving business energy efficiency, reducing cost and minimising carbon emissions.

Railways — on track for sustainability

26 July 2022

The UK’s railways have historically undergone numerous controversial cuts and reorganisations. Traditionally, many come with long delays. However, rail now faces the challenges of climate change, a net-zero destination and arrival times too important to be missed. Jon Herbert reports.

Critical minerals — how do they impact your business?

25 July 2022

Critical minerals are vital to modern day living and crucial for an emerging low carbon economy. All businesses rely on these minerals to some extent. Yet, rising global demand, combined with geopolitical tensions, is leading to concerns over security of supply in the UK and elsewhere. John Barwise looks at the issues and considers what businesses can do to avoid shortages.

Case report: High Court decision in HS2 tree felling case

15 July 2022

On 16 November 2021, the High Court gave judgment in the case of Roblyn v The Director of Public Prosecutions. Mr Roblyn had appealed against his conviction in the magistrates’ court for preventing tree felling.

The future of water

14 July 2022

Plans to protect England’s water environment are currently being consulted on. Laura King outlines some of the proposed measures, and how businesses can prepare for future changes.

Carbon labelling: undergoing a resurgence?

8 July 2022

Eco-labels are not a new concept, but with the environmental and climate crises looming large, eco-labelling is once again gathering momentum. Laura King reviews why eco-labels are needed, and what consumers can expect to see more of.