What’s in the news? June 2012

22 June 2012

This month, Judith Allen reports on the issues in the news. Foremost this month from the Government — coverage of the review of childcare and nursery reforms, particularly costs and qualifications. Also included is news of the continued and shocking existence of child poverty, primary curriculum worries, parental safety, the number of grandparent carers increasing and the rarity of parents reading to very young babies.

Auditing provision

8 June 2012

It is good practice to audit your provision annually. Liz Hodgman looks at how a setting could develop a systematic approach to auditing provision. This will be followed shortly by a full topic on auditing provision, including downloadable templates to use within your provision.

What’s in the news? May 2012

25 May 2012

This month, Judith Allen reports on the issues in the news. There are many new announcements this month from the Government, particularly on SEN, supporting families by offering more parenting advice, and coverage of the ongoing debate about Ofsted inspecting childminders, etc. Money worries and budgeting shortfalls are still in the news and I fear will remain so for a long time yet.

Buildings maintenance in early years

4 May 2012

Owners of buildings used by the general public, such as early years provisions, have a duty of care to ensure that people using the buildings are not placed at risk and buildings are kept in a serviceable condition. Buildings maintenance is a key factor in achieving this and ensuring that acceptable and safe standards of accommodation are maintained.

What’s in the news? April 2012

27 April 2012

This month, Judith Allen reports on the issues in the news. The main story this month is the publication of the much-awaited new EYFS framework. There has been much said and much anticipated in the industry over this new framework. Only time and practice following implementation will show any true results.

Planning using different tools

20 April 2012

In the article Creating a vision, by Liz Hodgman, three stages were explained, using three different activities, “think, feel, say and do”, “pinpointing” to establish the key aims and the “fan” to develop a long-term outline plan. In this article Liz looks at how this vision work now needs to be turned into a format that will enable the ideas to be implemented.

The emotional environment

5 April 2012

Practitioners spend considerable time planning to ensure that the learning environment, both indoor and outdoor, meets the developmental needs of the children. However, the emotional environment is often overlooked. Liz Hodgman looks at the emotional environment, what it is, why it is important and how it can be planned for and provided.

What’s in the news? March 2012

23 March 2012

This month, Susy Roddy looks at low wages, free entitlements and the gaps where the most needy keep missing out. Yet more news with emphasis on children’s diet, and uncertainty as to who or what is to blame — is it junk food ads on TV or is it after-school tea at a friend’s house? Also in the news — children’s bad behaviour gets linked to sleep disorders, a new cartoon that actually seems to help get children moving and childminders in the spotlight — more regulations or de-regulation? It’s a constant, but tough, and unanswered question.