How to use a fire extinguisher

27 January 2012

This article is in no way intended to replace hands-on training in the use of fire extinguishers, but as it is unlikely that staff are likely to practice their use between training sessions, it may be a useful reminder.

Understanding and using business acronyms

20 January 2012

Language is used to convey instructions, meaning, ideas and more — so why don’t people talk clearly at all times: why do they lapse into “speaking shorthand” (acronyms)?

Achieving outstanding

13 January 2012

In September 2011, Woodlands Children’s Centre in South Croydon received an outstanding grading from Ofsted. In this article, the Centre Manager, Liz Hodgman, explores some of the reasons why she feels they were able to achieve this.

What’s in the news? December 2011

6 January 2012

December, usually a quiet time in the news, brought much-awaited government plans for a reformed Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which aims to significantly reduce the burdens of bureaucracy. The Government also has ambitious plans to drive up the standards of reading in young children, believing this is essential to improving progress later on. Child poverty and strangely, at the same time, child obesity, also feature in the news. Is something wrong somewhere? Susan Roddy has the details.

Ofsted Annual Report 2008/09

4 February 2010

Martin Hodgson gives an overview of Ofsted's latest annual report, which draws upon the findings both of routine inspection visits and of focused survey inspections.

Self-evaluation and the self-evaluation form

25 November 2009

Self-evaluation has been an indicator of quality within early years settings for many years, although it was not always directly acknowledged through the inspection regime. It should be seen as a continuous process, a journey rather than a destination, and be part of the daily, systematic approach to the operation of the setting.

Promoting outdoor play and learning

11 November 2009

Knowledge and understanding of the world is a key area of learning and development, forming part of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. It offers children numerous opportunities for learning and exploration activities, many of which can take place in the outdoor environment. Many settings have outdoor play and learning as a key feature for their development plan.