What’s in the news? October 2012

26 October 2012

Judith Allen looks at the issues in the news for October. Look out for the new children’s centre “time bank” in London, it could be coming your way, and Ofsted is still in the news. There’s very little to report on the new EYFS since its introduction last month and the total kerfuffle it caused. Fortunately, your Early Years product has all the updated information you need, as well as a series of questions and answers, a simple steps feature article, and a mini-grid to see you through the transition! Phew! Panic over!

What’s in the news? September and August 2012

21 September 2012

Judith Allen looks at the issues in the news. September is combined with August here, so lots to read! There is a range of government announcements, from teacher scholarships to milk, and more debates on funding and deregulation. Speech therapy is finally being recognised as essential in early years with help and advice on offer to parents, and racial abuse of families is found to affect children as young as five.

Revised safeguarding guidance and requirements

30 August 2012

The Government has made a number of proposals to reform procedures and requirements for safeguarding children. These include proposals following the Munro review last year, which look to reform social work systems, and changes to disclosure and barring arrangements being introduced from September 2012.

What’s in the news? July 2012

30 July 2012

This month, Judith Allen looks at what's been making the news throughout July. Childcare costs are being addressed in a government consultation that asks for ideas on how they can be improved, such as by free entitlements and holiday clubs, wrap-around care and flexibility. The number of young men interested in primary teaching has increased dramatically, school food just gets better and new research has found that watching TV is still bad for your waistline...