What’s in the news? December 2012

14 December 2012

Judith Allen looks at the issues in the news for December. It’s a short month this one, with providers and legislators closing for the Christmas break. However, Ofsted’s comments figure predominantly, and disadvantaged families remain high on the list for funding…here’s hoping the seasonal festive cheer reaches you!

Child poverty

27 November 2012

Martin Hodgson looks at the problems created by child poverty and the strategies used to try and reduce it.

What’s in the news? November 2012

24 November 2012

Judith Allen looks at the issues making headlines in November. Once again money issues and health dominate the news, from families needing to earn over £30,000 per year just to break even, to mothers-to-be possibly risking the health of their unborn child with just one glass of wine. Oh, and apparently childcare providers need to get happy at work. Why? Read on….

What’s in the news? October 2012

26 October 2012

Judith Allen looks at the issues in the news for October. Look out for the new children’s centre “time bank” in London, it could be coming your way, and Ofsted is still in the news. There’s very little to report on the new EYFS since its introduction last month and the total kerfuffle it caused. Fortunately, your Early Years product has all the updated information you need, as well as a series of questions and answers, a simple steps feature article, and a mini-grid to see you through the transition! Phew! Panic over!