Brainstorming made easy

5 February 2014

Brainstorming as a problem-solving technique is generally well known, but not practised as often as it should be. Val Moore explains exactly how to go about it.

Statutory time off: part three

21 January 2014

In her third article on time off work, Val Moore looks at the legislation relating to statutory time off.

Time off at the employer’s discretion: part two

14 January 2014

In the second of three articles about time off work, Val Moore looks at how employers may, at their discretion, allow additional time off over and above the legal requirements (which will be the subject of the separate article on statutory time off).

Keeping Christmas a happy occasion for staff

3 December 2013

In a childcare provision, the focus, as we come towards the festive season, is on the children — and Christmas is a time for children. However, staff matter too, so give a little thought to issues that may affect them around this time of year. Val Moore reports.

Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

22 November 2013

Every local authority is required to have a Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO). They provide advice and guidance to employers and voluntary organisations that have concerns about a person who may have behaved inappropriately when working or volunteering with children and young people, or if information has been received that may constitute an allegation. Liz Hodgman has the details.

How to control the desire to worry

18 November 2013

Some are born worriers; some have worry thrust upon them; others go through life seemingly without a worry in the world. Val Moore looks at how to turn down the volume on your worries.

Children with HIV

8 November 2013

Children infected with the HIV virus, who attend an early years provision, may require additional help and understanding from staff, as Martin Hodgson reports.