Business status: which is right for you?

6 February 2015

There are various types of businesses that can trade within the UK, though Scottish rules are slightly different. Val Moore takes a look at the different options.

Buying a business

21 January 2015

Is it better to start your own childcare business from scratch as a new business or buy an existing one? Val Moore discusses the question.

Involving fathers in early years provisions

7 January 2015

Fathers today spend much more time with their young children than they did 30 years ago, and yet it can be a real challenge to involve fathers and other male carers in early years provisions and services. Elizabeth Walker looks at some methods of involving them.

Christmas highs and lows

17 December 2014

As we approach the holiday season many employers will be organising a Christmas party, or it might be organised by the staff themselves. Whoever is responsible, it is still a “work” event and needs to be subject to a few ground rules, as Val Moore explains.

Improving school readiness

27 November 2014

School readiness remains high on the political agenda amid reports of increasing numbers of children starting reception in nappies and lacking basic speech and language skills. But what does school readiness really mean and how can early years providers help to prepare children as they approach school age? Elizabeth Walker explains.

Making peer observations work

12 November 2014

Peer observations have been used within educational establishments for a considerable length of time, but are still a fairly new concept for early years provisions, as Liz Hodgman explains.

Brain development in children

4 November 2014

Why is it so important that practitioners know how babies’ brains develop? Liz Hodgman explains.

E-safety in the early years

3 September 2014

E-safety should be embedded across all areas of the organisation and link to existing policies concerning behaviour, safeguarding, anti-bullying, and health and safety, says Elizabeth Walker reports.