Mind mapping

27 May 2015

Mind mapping is a more visual way of taking notes or exploring ideas than writing conventional lists. More visual than a list, a mind map allows a free flow of ideas to radiate out of a central key word or phrase.

The creative power of creative thinking

13 May 2015

Val Moore highlights the critical role that creativity has to play in childcare leadership and how creative thinking can make a huge difference to operational effectiveness.

Negotiating with suppliers

30 April 2015

Negotiating with suppliers can be an intimidating prospect for people without much experience in the area, and there is more to negotiation than just haggling about prices. In this article, Val Moore looks at how negotiations may not be as straightforward as they seem, forwards some tactics to use in these situations and explains how to work towards building strong relationships with suppliers.

Managing allergies in early years provisions

20 April 2015

The prevalence of allergies in the UK has grown dramatically over the last 25 years, with research showing that up to 50% of children now have at least one diagnosed allergy. This has significant implications for early years providers and the care that they provide to young children. With new food allergen regulations also affecting nurseries and childminders, it is vital that childcare providers are able to deal with the responsibilities that childhood allergies pose. Elizabeth Walker looks at the issues involved.

Don’t say when you mean

14 April 2015

Busy, not enough hours in the day and under pressure — and yet we will often say “yes” when we should, and need, to say “no”. Val Moore looks at the pitfalls of agreeing to things we should refuse, and offers some strategies for learning how to respectfully say “no” to others.

Extended leave — when to allow it and how to manage it

3 April 2015

Leave issues are a problem — or can be if not properly handled. This is evidenced when people inconveniently want the same dates and argue length of service or family need to get their way, or ask to take their leave entitlement at times that are highly inconvenient to the employer. But when it comes to extended leave, the manager has to make a number of both objective and subjective judgments, any of which may cause outrage and bad feelings says Bob Patchett.

Attracting the best talent

2 April 2015

Recruiting staff is something that every provider needs to do from time to time. It is often time-consuming and expensive, and it is therefore essential to find the right person for the vacancy. Val Moore outlines how to be sure your provision attracts the best candidates when advertising a vacancy.

CCTV: benefits, requirements and obligations

18 March 2015

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) may at first appear to be a simple solution to security issues, but employers are required to navigate a number of legal requirements when installing these systems. Val Moore takes a close look at the obligations and implications surrounding CCTV use.

Play therapy in the early years

12 March 2015

Elizabeth Walker explains how play is a child’s natural way of communicating their experiences and why this form of therapy is particularly effective in the early years, when a child’s language is still developing.

Formal Business Agreements

18 February 2015

In a recent article, “Business Status”, Val Moore considered the various ways in which it is possible to run a business in the UK and concluded that formal agreements are recommended. Val Moore returns to the subject of formal agreements, this time looking at the contents of three types of agreements: for partners; directors and shareholders. The subject is complex and each business will have its own requirements, so taking professional advice is essential; but the questions and explanations set out below may help the process.