14 May 2014

Val Moore advises provisions on how to avoid getting into debt, and how to recover the money if they do.

It all begins at home

5 May 2014

Kay Crosse reports on practitioner support for the home learning environment.

Taxation of business profits

11 March 2014

Val Moore looks at predominantly unincorporated businesses’ (ie sole traders and partnerships) taxation of business profits. Many of the main principles apply also to incorporated businesses (ie limited companies).

Creativity and creative conflict

5 March 2014

Successful organisations will go into decline unless they put systems in place that stimulate debate and, to an extent, stimulate conflict: creative conflict. Val Moore reports.

Managing destructive conflict

24 February 2014

There are two kinds of conflict: creative and destructive. Val Moore discusses destructive, or “dysfunctional” conflict.

Brainstorming made easy

5 February 2014

Brainstorming as a problem-solving technique is generally well known, but not practised as often as it should be. Val Moore explains exactly how to go about it.

Statutory time off: part three

21 January 2014

In her third article on time off work, Val Moore looks at the legislation relating to statutory time off.

Time off at the employer’s discretion: part two

14 January 2014

In the second of three articles about time off work, Val Moore looks at how employers may, at their discretion, allow additional time off over and above the legal requirements (which will be the subject of the separate article on statutory time off).